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About Dingo Australia

Dingo Australia first began in 1992, and is an employer of 62 people Australia wide. Dingo Australia is a firmly established Dalby based company and has a strong reputation as being the number one manufacturer and supplier of Australia’s most unique earthmoving machines and attachments to suit any job.

Dingo Australia has now been operating in Dalby for over two decades. Since inception Dingo has manufactured in excess of 8000 machines and have a portfolio of over 60 different attachments in their range. Their machines are the machines of choice for landscapers, contractors and those in the hire industry and in more recent times they have been branching into the mining sector.

Business Challenges & Needs

As Dingo are not only a manufacturer but also a distributor of whole goods, spare parts and service from their branches in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Western Australia, it was imperative to find a solution that would meet all these requirements of their business and at the same time bring all these components together into one user friendly system, sophisticated enough to cope with the levels of inventory management, warehouse distribution and manufacturing.

To add to this, a cost effective financial package was essential in their final selection process. As their previous software also contained their financial requirements, they needed to also replace their accounting system. Dingo wanted a financial system that would not only meet their needs, but was a user-friendly experience.

We can highly recommend Fishbowl Software to any business that is looking to choose an excellent cost effective ERP Software System.

Karen Russell

Financial Controller

The Solution

Dingo Australia’s experience from the very beginning of meeting with the Fishbowl Founder in Australia, Simon Jupe, who personally introduced Fishbowl to their Company, was second to none. Of course they had a few teething problems in the beginning but we were provided with support each step of the way.

Their decision to move away from their existing EPR software was not taken lightly, but they are reaping the benefits of these changes now. As Fishbowl software supported the user friendly Reckon Accounts this was instrumental in their decision in installing the Fishbowl software as it would ensure their needs would be met by the using the two systems in unison and make for a smooth transition.

Fishbowl is producing exactly what Dingo needed from its software. The most important thing was that Fishbowl Inventory was user friendly. The Dingo Australia Team have embraced the change and it has also empowered others to take on other tasks previously too difficult for them with ease. By having people able to multitask they are protecting their company for the future.

Fishbowl continues to update their software in response to customer needs and situations.

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