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About Durmaz

Durmaz Pty Ltd is a specialist Importing and Wholesale entity that extensively sources and ranges value for money products that are specific but not limited to the discount variety retail sector. All products are of the highest manufactured quality and standard. Durmaz pride themselves on providing quality goods that present and offer the consumer unforgettable value. It has always been their commitment to ensure that they keep ahead of ever changing consumer trends and styles. The team at Durmaz Imports, like their product range, always stand out from the crowd.

Business Challenges & Needs

With the rapid expansion of their business, Alfred noticed that even though Reckon Accounts is a powerful accounting tool, it did not meet the needs for inventory and warehouse management, and this was hampering their supply chain process, reducing the service levels they could provide their customers. Durmaz started to develop large costs due to these restrictions and inefficiencies in not using dedicated inventory software solution.

Within the first 4 months of implementation, our initial investment has been recouped 5 times over.

Alfred Mazzaferro

Managing Director

The Solution

Durmaz implemented Fishbowl to meet the needs of their business, and signed up to the Ocean Support program, to provide help to the staff when they needed it. Durmaz received on-site training from a Fishbowl Inventory Software Specialist before implementing Fishbowl to ensure the staff would get the most from the improved processes.

The Results

The benefits of using Fishbowl have had an enormous impact on Durmaz. Through both the shipping and receiving processes that Fishbowl Warehouse makes the user follow, they have increased their pick efficiency rates in the warehouse by nearly 30%.

The picking list that is generated in Fishbowl organises the products based by location for the fastest route on the warehouse floor. This has enabled Durmaz to significantly reduce overtime hours that are paid to warehouse staff, and the number of staff required to pick and pack the current order volumes.

Most importantly for Alfred, it has also enabled their staff to accurately track orders correctly, from issuing to shipping processes making staff more accountable for their responsibilities, which lead to decreased errors from the warehouse staff.

With the implementation of Fishbowl, and reverting Reckon Accounts to finances only, Alfred can now see more accurate financial figures, as staff can no longer sell items they do not have in stock. Accurate inventory data from the Fishbowl Monitor module, and Fishbowl’s order management process helps staff to complete orders correctly by ensuring they follow best practice procedures for the entire warehouse workflow.

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