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About Green Beacon Brewing

Green Beacon Brewing believe in the journey of innovation. Our mission is to create enjoyment whilst inspiring passion and loyalty. As a proud Queensland brewery and Brewpub built on quality and integrity, and where flavour, balance and consistency are at the forefront; our beer provides a safe anchorage in any port. Green Beacon Brewing relies on Fishbowl for the management of our production, inventory, sales and distribution as we manufacture beer from two sites in Brisbane and distribute throughout Australia.

Business Challenges & Needs

Pre-Fishbowl, we were unable to view our level of raw materials and over-ordering was a huge problem. Our finished goods locations were not evident, and the costing of our inventory was guessed at. At the time, distribution was a manual process and we were relying on paper trails. We needed an inventory system which addressed all these issues.

This insight and overall higher level of reassurance for our reporting has proved to be invaluable.

Lisa Coller

Company Accountant

The Solution

The key factors in choosing Fishbowl were its ease of use, suitability of our production methods, integration with our current accounting system, local support, training and cost. Fishbowl has enabled us to streamline all of our processes.


The Results

The key benefits we’ve experienced since implementing Fishbowl have been the reporting on our inventory, sales and costing. This insight and overall higher level of reassurance for our reporting has proved to be invaluable.

In 2019, Green Beacon Brewing was acquired by Japanese global beer, spirits, soft drinks company Asahi Group Holdings. A fantastic result for the team at Green Beacon Brewing for all their hard work that they have put into the brand and the product. The team as still managing the production with Fishbowl and SalesIn, and we are loving being a part of this success.

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