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About Husk Distillers

Husk Distillers make Australia’s only Agricole rum from paddock to bottle on their family farm in Tumbulgum, Northern NSW. With a mission to create innovative spirits which challenge traditional distilling convention, Husk Distillers aim to introduce a new Rum culture in Australia. Husk Distillers are also the famed creators of the internationally renowned, Ink Gin.  

Business Challenges & Needs 

As we adopted Fishbowl quite early in the piece, it certainly helped the growth of our brand and enabled us to grow with it. Our biggest problem at the time would certainly have been managing our stock. Without Fishbowl, we would have a lack of usability and accuracy within our business if we were to still rely on spreadsheets and our accounting system.  

The Solution

Originally recommended by one of our customers, Fishbowl proved to be the right solution for us as there weren’t many other solutions which suited our business. The key deciding factor was that we could grow as a business and Fishbowl was able to support us at every stage of growth.  The fact that Fishbowl integrated seamlessly with Xero was also a huge plus and eventual deciding factor.  

We would have a lack of usability and accuracy within our business if we were to still rely solely on spreadsheets and our accounting system. 

Quentin Brival

Head Distiller, Husk Distillers

The Results

Fishbowl has automated our processes and its quite nice to be able to know that it’s all there and accurate in real time. Huge comfort comes in knowing we can pull a report at any time and know that its correct. We are growing very, very rapidly so we plan to take full advantage of Fishbowl within sales and production by generating custom reports, providing even better visibility.  

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