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About YV Packaging

YV Packaging has been in the fruit and produce packaging business in the pristine Yarra Valley for 20 years and although it is a national business, YV packaging has been supporting mostly local growers in this time. The core of the business is the sale of cardboard boxes and plastic punnets.

Business Challenges & Needs

Although Reckon Accounts is a great accounting software, it was not built from the ground up to handle inventory like the Fishbowl inventory tools. Reckon Accounts would rely heavily on manual stock counting and Glenn Barker, Managing Director, would notice large discrepancies from the latest count to previous ones due to human error.

Fishbowl handles and manages stock far better than Reckon Accounts did previously

Glenn Barker

Managing Director

The Solution

YV Packaging implemented Fishbowl Warehouse and kept Reckon Accounts as their accounting software package. Glenn had certain requirements that needed to be met before purchasing inventory management software and Fishbowl met all but one. However, with the Fishbowl Maintenance program, YV Packaging receives the latest updates and the latest version of Fishbowl was able to meet all the needs of the business.

The Results

For the last three years YV Packaging has had Fishbowl Warehouse running the daily operations of the business and are still learning about new features that the company can use to better their everyday processes and with the Maintenance Software program in their arsenal there are new features coming out on a regular basis. The business has been part of the Ocean Support and found the speed and flexibility to call for priority support anytime excellent.

When Glenn first installed Fishbowl he noted how easy the integration process was between Fishbowl and Reckon Accounts. This was especially true when it came to uploading inventory data. Customers, vendors, stock and inventory amounts are imported into CSV files and then uploaded to Fishbowl. This was a breeze for the team at YV Packaging and if there were any mistakes in the file, Fishbowl informs you what line the error is found on so it can be quickly rectified and the upload completed with the cleanest possible data.

When it comes to sales, the team at YV Packaging are safe in the knowledge that Fishbowl accurately tracks if they have sufficient stock on hand to fulfill open sales orders.

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