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Fishbowl Masterclass Webinar Series

Get the most out of Fishbowl

We love seeing our clients grow, and love to be able to provide a forum for continued learning. Below you will find information from the Masterclass Sessions that we have done to date.

Masterclass Session #4 – 

“End of Financial Year Stocktake”

June 2021

Masterclass Session #4 – Session Overview

Learn the correct procedures for end of Financial Year stocktake. Sit down, relax, watch and learn from Jenny Olsson and Simon Jupe from Fishbowl Inventory Asia Pacific.

Topics that will be covered include:  

      – How you can tidy up your stock before counting,  

      – What to prepare for counting day,  

      – How to prepare the count sheets,  

      – Best practice on count day,   

      – Recounts, double checks,  

      – Importing completed count,  

      – Reconciling the stock adjustments to your accounting system.

Be sure to download the Fishbowl Inventory eBook – EOFY Stocktake guide – 2021 from the additional resources list below, as your Fishbowl bible for this Financial year end.

 Masterclass Session #4 – Resources

Fishbowl Inventory eBook – EOFY Stocktake guide – 2021 – CLICK HERE

How to implement Barcode scanning – CLICK HERE

Why Fishbowl Go? – CLICK HERE

Masterclass Session #3 – 

“The Ultimate Guide to Barcode Scanning in your Warehouse”

March 2021

Masterclass Session #3 – Session Overview

Learn all about barcode scanning for your warehouse in a live interactive webinar with Simon Jupe, focusing on the benefits of scanning, tips, tricks, and all the know how.

Barcode scanning brings huge advantages in terms of accuracy and efficiency, and it is for these reasons that Fishbowl Go is our most popular add-on. 

This webinar covers the basics, right through to some advanced workflow examples.
Topics that will be covered include:
 – What are barcodes and how can they help you in your business?
 – How does barcode scanning benefit your customers?
 – Warehouse set up for scanning success
 – See Fishbowl Go being applied to real life workflow examples across:
             – Receiving
             – Dispatch
             – Stock Control 
 – Advanced tips, tricks and more!

 Masterclass Session #3 – Resources

eBook “The Ultimate Guide to Barcode Scanning” – CLICK HERE

How to implement Barcode scanning – CLICK HERE

Fishbowl Go Case Study – CLICK HERE

Fishbowl Go Commercial – CLICK HERE

Why Fishbowl Go? – CLICK HERE

Masterclass Session #2 – “Business agility with Fishbowl’s smart Integrated solutions”

January 2021

Masterclass Session #2 – Session Overview

While planning for our second Masterclass webinar, we looked back on the year that was 2020. One thing that stood out to us and impressed us most, was the number of clients that excelled during 2020 by quickly utilising integrated solutions with their Fishbowl platform.

Join Simon for a 45-minute webinar as he covers some of these solutions and how they can help you to pivot your Business quickly and efficiently in 2021.

Topics covered include:
 – Options for using Fishbowl outside of the office.
 – Having Fishbowl accessible to the right people, in the right place within your business.
 – Ecommerce sales and integration with your warehouse.
 – Tools that are available for your salespeople.
 – B2B portals to automate inventory visibility and ordering with your clients.
 – Automating freight consignment.
 – Barcode scanning processes and how they add warehouse efficiency.

Masterclass Session #2 – Resources

 Fishbowl remote access drawings – CLICK HERE

Fishbowl Access in your office and warehouse – CLICK HERE

Learn more about SalesIn for your Reps – CLICK HERE

Existing Customer online order platform – CLICK HERE

Automate your Freight with Starshipit – CLICK HERE

Barcode scanning in your warehouse – CLICK HERE

Masterclass Session #1 – Prepare for success in 2021

November 2020

Masterclass Session #1 – Content Covered

Conducting Cycle Counting Cycle Counting By Location, Product Range or ABC code (use ABC calculator)
Running Off a Cycle Count Report
Using Fishbowl Client vs FB GO
Review Product Pricing Margins Report
Low Margin report – See below for the free custom report provided for you to use in your Fishbowl.
Pricing Rule Review
Updating Pricing processes – Adjust Prices Wizard, CSV Export and Import Part Product Vendor Pricing
Accounts Reconciling

Run an Inventory Valuation Report – Schedule this for 1st of each month at 2am

Balance to your Inventory Asset account
Discrepancy Scenarios – Reasons why, was to manage
For QBO and Xero reconcile the Holding (Goods Received Not Invoiced) account – See below for the free custom report provided for you to use in your Fishbowl.
Clean up any old Sale Orders and old Purchase Order transactions in Fishbowl

Masterclass Session #1 – Free custom reports

As mentioned during this session, Simon has kindly provided you with 3 custom reports that he used in the webinar. You can download these below and load them into your Fishbowl to use at any stage.

If you need help loading these please reach out to the Fishbowl Support Team and they will help you out.

Cycle Count List by Product Tree – Click to download

Margins Report by Customer Group – Click to download

Received Items Not Yet Reconciled – Click to download

Sales by Item Summary – Low Margin – Click to download

Future Masterclass Sessions

We would love to hear your ideas of topics for future Masterclass sessions. Click on the link below to provide us with your ideas.

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Thanks! We look forward to seeing you in the next Fishbowl Masterclass Session.