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Get Orders in, Ship Orders out. Simple!

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Get orders in, Ship orders out … Simple!

Work smarter, not harder this silly season

At the Business end of the year you want to be focused on 2 things …

1) Getting orders in,
2) Shipping them out the door!

Simple right?

Well, it can be simple and with some of the off the shelf integrations available with Fishbowl, it is the most efficient use of your time too!

 So, what are the options?

Getting Orders In

Often at the pointy end of the year, your customers are just as busy as you are. Their working day is focused on servicing their customers, and they don’t have time to talk to you, their supplier.

This is where a B2B Order Portal like SalesIn is extremely useful.


1) Introduce an Online B2B Ordering portal for customers to place orders

A B2B (Business to Business) ordering portal is like having an extra salesperson that never clocks off.

This platform allows your customers to place orders with you without seeing your sales team face to face. Your customers can place orders at a time of the day, or night, that suits them, even if afterhours. These orders will be ready for you to action in Fishbowl when you turn up in the office the next day as they flow directly into Fishbowl eliminating any need for double handling.


2) Mobile Sales Rep App

If you have a mobile sales team equip them with the tools that they need to do their job to their full potential. SalesIn offers a fantastic Sales Rep App that allows your sales team can look up inventory levels, see previous orders, create quotes, create Invoices, and even take payments on the spot.

These orders flow straight into Fishbowl ready for you to manufacture or pick and ship if they are already instock.


So you have picked and packed the goods, but what is the best way to get them to your customer?

If you use freight carriers to send you goods to your customers, then the Fishbowl + Starshipit integration could save your dispatch team a huge amount of time, and save you money!


Using the “Fishbowl + Starshipit” integration you can compare all the shipping rates, the delivery times from multiple carriers in one screen, and decide which carrier to use to ship the goods.


Starshipit is an online shipping solution that works with multiple freight carriers within the one platform to enable fast and easy parcel and freight shipping.



Simply Pick and Pack your orders in Fishbowl, and the consignment will sync over to Starshipit for Shipping.


Your consignment details such as the customer’s name, delivery address, number and dimensions of cartons will be auto populated saving you serious time for every order.


Eliminate double entry with our Starshipit freight integration – Fast & Seamless. Using this tool means you can simply ship all your orders at once in Starshipit, print the labels and you are done.


On average this saves 5-7 minutes per order!! You do the numbers on that and see how quickly you can save serious money.

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