How to select & successfully implement Inventory Management software

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There has never been a better time to get your INVENTORY
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Implement now and be ready for new Financial Year!

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Make this new financial year the one where you FINALLY get your inventory and manufacturing under control

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Without strong systems and processes, our business can grind to a halt with wasted time, money or even worse, missed opportunities.

If you are fed up with inaccurate stock management and loss of revenue in your business you are not alone!


When it comes to inventory management there are 3 questions every business owner should be asking themselves:


Do you spend hours, or even an entire day, in a spreadsheet or inadequate software trying to manage your inventory?


Do you have incorrect stock levels, with your team often struggling to fulfill customer orders accurately, or on time?


Are you putting up with an ‘ok’ solution, or have you been meaning to look into a better inventory management system to save both time and money but never get around to it?


If you answer yes to any of these questions then Fishbowl could be the answer for you.

10 reasons WHY you should use Fishbowl

Inventory Management software provides your business with the proper operational platform that you need to manage your purchasing processes, inward goods, stock management, manufacturing, and dispatch of your customer orders. Having these correct systems and processes in place gives you greater business stability.


Here are some key reasons why Fishbowl should be part of your business this coming Financial Year:


  1. Manage your business, not your Accounts: Managing your customers orders and operations should be your number one focus. Let Fishbowl take care of this, and your accounts will look after themselves.
  2. Barcode scanning in your warehouse: Eliminate data entry errors. Use barcode scanners to instantly update your inventory records instead of manually typing in data.
  3. Save time and money: No more double data entry thanks to Fishbowl’s seamless integrations.
  4. Increase security: Get your staff out of your Accounting system. Assign user rights to staff to restrict information viewing, and access rights for certain tasks.
  5. Eliminate stock outages: Implement accurate Reorder points using the Auto ROP calculator in Fishbowl to make sure you have the stock that you need, when you need it.
  6. Manage customer backorders: Fishbowl allows you to take orders and prepayments for goods that you do not have in stock yet, these are called backorders. As soon as the stock arrives you are notified and you can dispatch the order!
  7. Full manufacturing software: Forget the spreadsheets and clipboards, and utilise the full manufacturing tools such as the Bill of Materials and Manufacturing Orders and scheduling calendar.
  8. True Landed Costs: Fishbowl handles multi-currency, and has a fantastic Reconciling processes for making sure that freight, port service charges, and any other costs associated to getting the goods to your warehouse.
  9. Gain control : Stop fighting fires and get on the front foot with a business that is in control. Correct systems and processes, accurate costings and dynamic reporting all at your fingertips.
  10. Get detailed reports: Fishbowl lets you analyse your inventory, sales and purchasing data to spot trends and other valuable insights. Dashboards, automated scheduled reporting to your inbox, live data reporting, and live excel data feeds are all available with Fishbowl.

Bring your inventory management system to a whole new level of efficiency by signing up for a free trial of Fishbowl!


Be ready for the new Financial Year with Fishbowl Inventory

To hit the new Financial Year running, now is the time to get Fishbowl in place. Fishbowl will apply correct systems & processes in your inventory and manufacturing workflow to provide you with correct costs and reporting, accurate inventory levels, and happy customers.

Why Fishbowl?

Watch this short video to hear Simon Jupe explain in more detail how Fishbowl can help you.

If this sounds like it could help you then give us a call now, because if you start now you will have enough time to get set up and you can start this new financial year the right way with Fishbowl Inventory.


Contact one of our amazing Client Solutions Specialists to have a chat about your frustrations, and let us show you how Fishbowl can help your business to grow.

Fishbowl has been successfully developing and implementing inventory management software for 20 years!

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