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Fishbowl is an ideal inventory management solution for companies in the Distribution industry.

Many wholesalers and distributors use Fishbowl for drop shipping, consignment, location tracking, barcode scanning and more.

See how it can benefit your business by checking out some of its most useful features below.

Drop Shipping – Fishbowl facilitates drop shipping whenever there’s insufficient inventory for an item on a sales order. You can assign vendors to drop-shipped items ahead of time to speed up the process.

Consignment – The Consignment module lets you create consignment locations, transfer orders, and purchase orders to keep third-party sellers stocked with your products.

Location Tracking – There is no limit to the number of locations you can create. And you can track inventory quantities and sales at each one to maintain adequate levels.

Serial Numbers – Each item in your inventory can be tagged with a serial number that allows you to keep track of its quantity and reorder it when necessary.

Scanning – Fishbowl Go is an app for mobile devices to turn them into barcode scanners. You can then scan barcode labels printed from Fishbowl to transfer, order, and pick items.

Shipping Integrations – Fishbowl integrates with Starshipit and Australian Post eParcel. Integrations with other carrier portals can also be written.

Durmaz Importers & Wholesalers

"Within 4 months of implementing Fishbowl, we had increased our pick efficiency by nearly 30%; significantly reduced overtime hours that were being paid to warehouse staff, while improving our ability to ship Customer orders in full on time." - Alfred, Durmaz Importers

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