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Cut costs & take control

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Save serious money & gain control now

It is time to get the little things right. Put the time into your business now, and put yourself in the drivers seat to navigate your way to growth.

There’s no question that the business landscape has changed dramatically and how we do business in the short term will change. As business operators we all need to look at what we have in front of us and make changes to adapt to the “new normal” we find ourselves in.

Do your current business processes allow you to make the best business decisions possible?

Do you feel like you have two hands on the steering wheel and have full control like Lewis Hamilton, or do you feel like you need to grab the steering wheel before you crash into the barrier and get buried by your competition?

Does the software you use cost you a tonne of money each month, and each year? Would you like to reduce these costs without sacrificing function and control?

This is where we can help as Fishbowl has the same features as the “Big Boys” at a fraction of the cost.

This is exactly what happened during the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Businesses started to look at their costs, look at their processes, and those that moved quickly and adapted to the moving field in front of them came out stronger because of it. Many companies made the switch from expensive ERP providers and moved to Fishbowl and have never looked back.

Those who respond proactively will endure and be stronger. Right now is the perfect time to be thinking about how to quickly prepare your business to be substantially more efficient in the coming months. We are already seeing companies make immediate improvements in their operations to be leaner and more productive. A strong economy can hide a myriad of mistakes, but to future-proof your business, you can’t afford errors associated with manual inventory management and double or triple data entry. What you need is an advanced, affordable inventory management solution like Fishbowl.


Save Money

  • Stop paying too much for your software
  • Stop paying so much on extra resources, automate for greater efficiency
  • Stop over ordering
  • Keep your suppliers honest, measure their performance

Stop paying too much for your ERP Software!

Fishbowl is a very powerful Order Management, Manufacturing, and Inventory solution. Fishbowl has all the same features of the “Big Boys” at a fraction of the cost. If you want to see this just give us a call and book in an online demonstartion and we can show you how powerful, flexible, smart, and simple Fishbowl rerally is.

We have transitioned businesses from ERP systems that were costing hundreds of thousands per year, and now with Fishbowl they have paid a very small one off cost and now own the software outright!

Many of the larger ERP systems have an offering that is extremly plentiful, however paying for this places a huge burden on cash flow, and often requires extra resource to maintain it. Fishbowl however while still offering the majority of the tolls, is extremely user friendly and simple to maintain.

WITH FISHBOWL YOU WILL:Stop Over Paying with Fishbowl InventoryPotentially save tens of thousands of dollars every year!

See the software as an asset rather than a cost and a burden.

Reduce costs both monthly and the annual ongoing expense.

Eliminate the requirement to have staff employed to maintian a big bulky clunky ERP system.

 Become more agile, flexible and able to adapt to changes that present themselves.

Plus so much more!


Within the first 4 months of implementation, our initial investment has been recouped 5 times over.

Alfred Mazzaferro

Managing Director, Durmaz Importers & Wholesalers

We can highly recommend Fishbowl Software to any business that is looking to choose an excelent cost-effective ERP software system.

Karen Russell

Financial Controller, DINGO AUSTRALIA

Automate for greater efficiency

A strong economy can hide a myriad of mistakes, but to future-proof your business, you can’t afford errors associated with manual inventory management and double or triple data entry.

What you need is an advanced, affordable inventory management solution like Fishbowl to automate day-to-day processes saving you time and money.

Implement smart automation now to reduce your human resources required now, and to put correct processes in place so that when you do add more human resources again you are sure they are working to full efficiency.


Automate with Fishbowl Inventory 

Automate your Purchasing process via the Auto PO  + MO to PO + Auto Reorder Points functions,

 Automate your Receiving process using the Fishbowl Go Barcode scanning App,

 Import your Customer’s Orders and eliminate double data entry by using our Mobile Sales App and B2B ordering platform or connecting to your eCommerce store,

 Automate your Manufacturing using the “Build to Order” + “MO to PO” functions.

Streamline your warehouse and inventory management and have all the information in the palm of your hand with the Fishbowl Go Barcode Scanning App.

Speed up your Pick, Pack, Ship process by utilising features like the “Group Pick” function

 Eliminate double entry by sing the Freight Integration available with leading Australasian carriers,

 Plus so much more!

Over ordering?


Having too much stock is just as bad as not having enough and will hinder your ability to have the cash flow available for purchasing the in-demand items. You must get the balance right, and in order to do this you need a centralised system with accurate information for all key staff members to use. Don’t keep this information and knowledge stored in spreadsheets or in an under performing database, implement a solution that is made for this very purpose … inventory control.


Stop over ordering and allocating all that capital into stock that is collecting dust on your shelves. Let Fishbowl help you to achieve the right balance and have the right amount of stock on hand at the right time.


At Fishbowl we eat, sleep, and breath inventory control. Fishbowl is a very powerful yet easy to use Order Management, Manufacturing, and Inventory management solution. Fishbowl Inventory looks after all of your Sales Order, Purchase Order & Manufacturing Order workflow, and as a result keeps accurate inventory levels so that you can deliver in full on time & reduce stock outages without you over ordering.


Measure your suppliers performance


Which suppliers have you purchased from in the past?

Who gave you the best deal or turn-around time?

What are the suppliers lead times?

Are they delivering in full and on time?

How is their performance impacting on your stock turn?

Make better informed purchasing decisions by measuring your suppliers performance. Compare your vendors lead times, costs, and fulfilment rates all within Fishbowl. Reduce your spend with poor performing suppliers and spend your money wisely to reduce wasted spend and improve your stock turn.

During receiving, your suppliers performance is being measured. Fishbowl keeps track of your supplier’s performance by measuring their lead time (date of placing order, to the date of receiving the order), the landed cost of the items, and also how much of the order they fulfill in terms of quantities. This information is critical as you can make decisions such as which supplier to order with next time, which supplier has the best priced goods once freight and other costs are included, and how long they are going to take to deliver the goods.

Fishbowl automatically saves and organises that vendor information and displays it in an easy-to-use, helpful fashion. When you’re ready to reorder, just click the Reorder Point button on a particular item and Fishbowl will create the Purchase Order for the correct vendor and let you make any last-minute modifications. Fishbowl makes purchasing easy and can save you real money.

Let Fishbowl help you to manage all of this information in a centralised place. Fishbowl will link this information to your Purchasing workflow and you will reduce your stock outages of key lines, which means you will be able to manufacture and deliver in full on time.

Gain Control

“Control is one of the driving forces for all of us, both in and out of work. We like being able to choose what we do, and how we do it, and where we can go, and who we can see, and what we can buy. Recently this control has been taken away from us, the toilet paper frenzy is just one example of this craving for control. We can’t do what we use to do, and we cant choose how we go about it.

The same can be said in the business environment right now, control is what we are craving.

In times like this having control and having your finger on the pulse of your business is critical. The problem is, when the “going gets tough” we are often not in this position. You may have taken a back seat and let the team take the wheel for a while, and all of a sudden you have had a wake up call and you have grabbed hold of the wheel again but you are unsure of how you got to where you are, and how to steer it back on course.

Get back on track with Fishbowl Inventory

This is where Fishbowl can help. Fishbowl is a very smart, powerful, and flexible system that will enforce best practice processes to be followed in your organisation and give you the complete clarity of all of your business data, all in one centralised system. All of the information is at your fingertips for you to gain clarity, and make accurate and effective business decisions.


Gain Control with Fishbowl Inventory 

Eliminate managing multiple spreadsheets, share your knowledge and gain staff knowledge by centralising the business information, and let Fishbowl keep the information current.

Control what actions each staff member can perform, and what data and reports each of them can see.

Automatically receive KPI reports using the scheduled reports function,

Decreasing Supplier Lead Times.

Have custom reports made for you. If the information is in Fishbowl, we can report on it.

Avoid costly shortages and overstocks.

Create efficiencies through smarter integration and smarter technology.

Easily implement Minimum and Maximum Order quantities.

Manage your staff and their performance via the KPI and order efficiency reports.

Control your spending on stock, resources, and time.

 Plus so much more!

Our business has been growing for a number of years, exponentially. So we were looking at ways to improve our business processes and in particular across our warehouse. One of the issues we had was basically with an accounting system which was just exactly that. It didn’t really handle warehousing as such and all the requirements of a warehouse system. The inventory management was a key thing and that’s been provided by Fishbowl. It’s also allowed us to standardise our business processes which was something lacking in a business which is growing, and we needed to have systems in place to stabilise the business.

Since we’ve stabilised the Warehouse and it’s basic Warehousing functions, we are now looking at things like a web-based sales application for sales team etc. We’re expanding beyond the basics of what we originally expected of Fishbowl. Over the next 6-12 months we’ll go to the next level of development in our business because we’ll be using things which integrate well with Fishbowl.

Adrian Snaidero

Financial Controller, 12 BOTTLES

If you are interested in saving tens of thousands of dollars by switching from a large clunky slow moving ERP system, to the agile and flexible platform of Fishbowl we would love to hear from you.

Likewise, if you want to gain control of your business and enforce correct procedures for your staff to follow, please give us a call so we can discuss your frustrations and formulate a plan for action.

Don’t hesitate, it is time to act now.

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