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There is a better way … There is a smarter way

Now’s the Time
Turn Uncertainty into Opportunity with Fishbowl

Automate, streamline and work remotely with these Fishbowl solutions. 

COVID-19 is changing how we do business. For some of our clients, their business can barely keep up with the current demand. Others are ticking along business as usual, while a few are making plans to ‘hibernate’ for a period of time.

No matter your situation, we want to assure you that the Fishbowl Inventory Team is right here, ready to help and support you – any way we can.

Now is the perfect time to finally utilise the many solutions that Fishbowl offers:

  • Automate processes – and remove manual human resource time and error.
  • Make the ordering process easy for Customers – and you too!
  • Sure up stock supply and pricing with Vendors – order the right amount of stock, at the right time, and at the right price.

We can all take action quickly, right now, to make immediate improvements to help our business become leaner and more productive.

In the long-run these changes will future-proof your business and potentially see it perform better than it ever did before!

Take this opportunity to utilise your staff and the Fishbowl team to do this.

Here are some ideas on how we can do this together.

Do more with less … work smarter

Fishbowl has so many great solutions to help you automate day to day processes.

Here are our Top Solutions that will save you money and take away slow manual processes so that you can do more, profit more, with less resources.

1) Introduce an Online Ordering portal for customers to place orders
– This will allow your customers to order with you without seeing your sales team face to face.
– These orders will automatically be entered into Fishbowl as Sale Orders reducing the need to manually key in orders.
– Talk to us about the SalesIn B2B Order Portal or integrating an eCommerce Store with your Fishbowl. We can help you get connected and save you real time and money.

2)  Add the “Quick History” plugin to speed up entering Sales Orders
– This tool allows you to reduce the time it takes to key in customer orders by using a tool that only shows the parts that the customer  has ordered in the past.
– In one window you select the items to add to the order, and just like that you have produced a Sales Order in record time.

3) Speed up your inward & outwards goods process with less staff
– Introduce Barcode scanning for greater accuracy, less paperwork, and faster receiving, picking, packing and shipping.
– We have seen incredible results and savings directly attributed to the introduction of the Fishbowl Go barcode scanning app. 

Implementing barcode scanning has allowed hideAWAY to decrease the number of picking staff, and vastly improve picking accuracy. They have managed to go from 4-6 pickers to now achieving higher picking accuracy with only 1-2 pickers. Efficiency, accuracy, increased profits, and greater customer satisfaction. Tick, tick, tick, and tick!

hideAWAY Handmade

4) Use the “Group Pick” function to pick multiple orders at once.

Group your picks in Fishbowl to pick multiple orders at the same time.
– Picking one order at a time, then packing that order, then shipping that order is far more time consuming than picking packing and shipping multiple orders at the same time.

Using the Fishbowl Go scanning solution, hideAWAY has implemented “Group Picking”. Their picking process now involves picking items directly into slots on a trolley, allowing them to pick 15 – 20 orders at a time.

5) Eliminate double entry with the Starshipit freight integration – Fast & Seamless
– Integrate Fishbowl with your Starshipit account to eliminate double handling or your consignments.
– Once you have packed the order in Fishbowl, all the consignment details such as delivery address, carton dimensions, weights, and customer contact information will already be populated for you.
– This means you can simply ship all your orders at once in Starshipit, print the labels and you are done.
– On average this saves 5-7 minutes per order!! You do the numbers on that and see how quickly you can save serious money.

Book an Online Session with a Fishbowl Consultant

Like the old saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” 

And this is definitely true when it comes to Fishbowl – there is just so much that Fishbowl can do!

Usually there’s no time to simply press pause and review what else Fishbowl can do for your business. So make the most of possible ‘downtime’ now and book an Online Session with one of our amazing Fishbowl Consultants.  

For a limited time we are running Online Consulting Sessions

1 Day (8-hours) Online Consulting at $900!!

(Normally $1,560)  

1/2 Day (4-hours) Online Consulting at $545!!

(Normally $780). 

*** Prices excluding GST ***

Learn what Fishbowl can do to save money, save time, automate.
Make the improvements you have been wanting to put in place.
Get custom reports made to help your team.

Enable staff to work from home

Fishbowl Anywhere is a plugin that lets you and your team use Fishbowl from wherever you are just like you are in the office.

This is a cost effective way to make sure your staff have access to Fishbowl while they are working from home.

If the staff members are unable to perform their normal work tasks, give them remote access so they can work on things like:
– Tiding up data,
– Closing short Purchase Orders,
– Checking if Sales Order Estimates should be expired,
– Putting in place Re Order Points,
– and many other tasks that you never have enough time for when in the swing of things.

Normally $1,495 exc GST

NOW $1,195 exc GST, Save $300!! limited time only

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