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Warehouse Barcode Scanning Done Right

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Does your business involve inventory and warehouse management? Save time and money by investing in an on-the-go mobile, all-in-one barcode scanning system. We have industry-leading barcode solutions to streamline your business, from wholesale distribution, manufacturing to e-commerce. In this article, we’ll discuss barcode scanning and how it’s an essential ingredient in growing your business.

What is a Barcode Scanning System?

A barcode scanning system consists of hardware and software, including computers, handheld scanners, mobile devices, and integrated software. Barcode systems manage and organise product data, reduce human error and, improve efficiency. Depending on your business, you may need a specific barcode or many.

Types of barcodes

1D Barcodes – When you think of barcodes, these are likely what you imagine – parallel lines of varying width and spacing, also known as linear barcodes.

Examples of 1D barcodes: UPC, EAN, GS1, CODE 39 & code 128

2D Barcodes – Use 2D shapes and symbols to represent data, including more data per unit area.

Examples of 2D barcodes: QR codes, PDF417 and AZTEC codes

What is Inventory Management Software?

Inventory management software and barcode scanning go hand in hand. However, an inventory system refers to how you track products through your entire supply chain. Monitoring your purchases, production, and sales may require more than scanning barcodes. To manage your stock efficiently, you may also need SKU (stock keeping unit) codes, serial numbers, and QR (quick response) codes on products, shelves, and incoming orders.

Inventory software is essential for high-volume businesses. The software avoids over and understock issues as it automates systems and removes human error. Scanning the barcode during Receiving of new stock will automatically increase your stock count, while scanning sold items during Picking will decrease the stock count.

Benefits of using a Barcode Scanning System

There are many benefits to using barcode scanning, both for employers and employees. From managing thousands of products across multiple warehouses to improving labour conditions, other benefits include:

Eliminates Human Error

While you still need humans to run your day-to-day operations, relying solely on people to enter data can be risky. Managing inventory with barcodes rather than manually reduces the risk of human error, improves accuracy, reduces incorrect shipments, and improves daily processes.

Inventory Control & Management

The ability to track incoming and outgoing inventory makes it easy to stay on top of your stock levels. Barcode scanning provides businesses with real-time stock levels, and helps to avoid product shortages, overstock issues, and improves cash flow.

Cost & Time Effectiveness

Manual data entry isn’t feasible when you have thousands of products to receive in or pick and ship out. Barcode systems save money and time by reducing staff costs, faster pick, and packing, and fewer customer returns. They also create better customer service, improve work conditions, and help build a reliable brand.

Why use Fishbowl Go as a Warehouse Barcode Scanning System?

Unlike other barcode scanning systems, Fishbowl Go is an on-the-go warehouse solution. Combining our fishbowl manufacturing and fishbowl warehouse systems, with Fishbowl Go it gives you the latest in inventory management software. A user-friendly and affordable app helping businesses pick, pack, ship, and receive orders. Update your inventory as you walk through the warehouse, create purchases, and dispatch orders from the palm of your hand.

Manage & Receive Purchase Orders

If you need new stock or raw materials from your suppliers, Fishbowl Go will do the hard work for you. The mobile app scans product barcodes that need restocking and creates an instant purchase order. When a new shipment arrives at your warehouse, using the receive module on the app, you can see all open purchase orders waiting to be received. Search for the order you’ve received, scan the barcode on the purchase order, and add additional information like expiration date or lot number.

Inventory Control & Stocktakes

Forget the dreaded annual stocktake. Don’t spend days manually counting and recording thousands of units on paper; Fishbowl Go is the better way to do a stocktake. Scan the location barcode using the app, then the individual product barcode, and click save. The app will update your inventory count instantly. Repeat this process at each location until you’ve checked all the stock.

Picking Raw Materials & Completing Work Orders

Fishbowl Go does more than track finished products. The work order feature allows manufacturers to pick, monitor, and track raw materials. Create products using the exact amount of raw materials while using batch numbers and expiry dates to ensure traceability.

Moving stock around the warehouse

Record product movements as they happen. Scan the location barcode, usually on the shelf, where you picked the product, and scan where you moved the product. Avoid misplaced inventory and stock discrepancies. Staff can find stock easier, resulting in faster picking, packing, and dispatch times.

Proof of Delivery for your Customer Orders

Once an order is picked and packed, the Fishbowl Go app allows you to Deliver your own orders and receive a signed Proof of Delivery customer signature once it’s delivered, or your delivery driver can simply take a photo as proof of delivery which then gets saved against the order back in Fishbowl.

iOS & Android Barcode Scanner Integration

The app-style technology allows businesses to scan barcodes from their Apple iOS or Android phones and tablets. The Fishbowl Go app works best however on traditional Android barcode scanners for super fast and efficient barcode scanning.

Want to Find out More About Fishbowl Go & Inventory Management?

Download our Fishbowl Go app to stop the back and forth between your office and the warehouse. Available on Android or iOS mobile devices, our industry-leading technology will streamline your ordering, packing, and tracking processes. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us and ask to book an online demo and see how to try this inventory management system for free.