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Your Silent Salesperson

‘Zero Contact’ Sales

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2020 has been a year like no other, let’s just begin with that. A year filled with uncertainties and unknowns. One thing we know for sure is that we are here to help you get through it with as much ease as possible.

One of the ways we want to help is through systems and processes.

Reflect for a moment, are you looking after your customers and running your business in the most efficient and effective way?

If you’re still reading, we can make 2 assumptions; Either you don’t believe you are, or you are interested in seeing how you can do better. Both assumptions, we are here to help with.

Just when we thought the disruption was in the rear-view mirror, we’ve made a U-Turn and its right in front of us again. With new restrictions in place it is more important than ever to have good performing systems in place. The travel restrictions have seen many companies looking for ways to make it easier for their customers to place orders, at their convenience, and without needing to see you or your salespeople face-to-face.

We call this your “Silent Salesperson” and we have some great solutions available for you to use.

This Silent Salesperson never stops working, and not only helps you to get more orders in the door, but also eliminates the double handling of the orders as they are automatically entered into Fishbowl ready for you to pick, pack and ship. 

Here are some examples of how you can introduce your very own Silent Salesperson into your business, and see greater sales, happier customers, and a more efficient order process.

1) Introduce an Online Ordering portal for customers

Allow your existing customers to place orders without sending your Sales Reps onsite. You can do this via a B2B Portal.

But what is a B2B Portal?

A business-to-business (B2B), is a website that is designed for the sole purpose of selling your products and services to businesses but not to the general public.

– This silent salesperson works for you 24-7, allowing your customers to place orders when it suits them. This frees you up so you can spend more time, doing the things you love most and grow your business.

– To access this portal, your customers will be allocated a unique log in, allowing them to view and shop your products in a simple online product gallery.

– If your customers have special pricing specific to them, when they login to the B2B portal they will see their special pricing.

– These orders will automatically be entered into Fishbowl as Sale Orders reducing the need to manually key in orders.

– Talk to us about the SalesIn B2B Order Portal. We can help you get connected, to start saving you time and money instantly.

2) Sell online

SalesIn offers a fantastic outlet for selling to your existing customers, but what if you want to sell to the public? This is where an eCommerce Store comes into play.

Integrate your eCommerce Store

Do you currently sell online? Are you having to handle these orders multiple times between receiving the order and the goods arriving to the customer?

Or are you interested in selling online to extend your customer pool?

If you answered “Yes” to either of these questions, then you would benefit from integrating your online store with Fishbowl.

Integrating your online store opens up the communication between the online site and Fishbowl. Your customer’s online orders will flow into Fishbowl where you can manufacture the items, or simply pick and ship if they are instock. No need to print off or download the order so that you can key it into Fishbowl, this is automatically done for you. Once shipped the tracking and fulfillment details are sent back to your online store and your customer will be notified that the goods are on their way.

While the following option is not necessarily an application of a Silent Salesperson, it is a way to allow your staff members to contribute and perform their role no matter where they are.


3) Enable staff to work from home
Remote work arrangements are now a part of the “new norm” working week. We have all had to become more flexible with our staff, and access to the office operating systems is now a request we get every week.

Fishbowl provides the solutions your business needs to keep essential workers in your warehouse, while giving additional staff the ability to work remotely.

Your business needs people manufacturing and dispatching, on the floors, day in, day out. But you also want to keep your people safe. Fishbowl has the tool, and we can show you how.

The solution is Fishbowl Anywhere. Fishbowl Anywhere is a plugin that allows you and your team use Fishbowl from wherever you are just like you are in the office.

This is a quick, easy to set up and cost-effective way to make sure your staff have access to Fishbowl while they are working from home. If the staff members are unable to perform their normal work tasks, give them remote access so they can work on things like:

  • Continue to do all their normal office-based roles from home,
  • Contact customers to assist and take orders,
  • Tiding up data,
  • Closing short Purchase Orders,
  • Checking if Sales Order Estimates should be expired,
  • Putting in place Re-order Points,
  • and many other tasks that you never have enough time for when in the swing of things.

Would you like to see how you can implement some of these ideas in your business?

Let us help you employ your own “Silent Salesperson”.