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Learn more & Why Fishbowl

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What is Fishbowl Inventory?

Fishbowl is a very powerful yet easy to use Order Management, Manufacturing, and Inventory management solution. Fishbowl Inventory looks after all of your Sales Order, Purchase Order & Manufacturing Order workflow, and as a result keeps accurate inventory levels so that you can deliver in full on time & reduce stock outages.

Fishbowl offers two flagship offerings which are “Fishbowl Manufacturing”, and “Fishbowl Warehouse”. Fishbowl Inventory performs inventory management tasks such as barcoding, serial number and batch tracking, advanced bill of materials and work orders. Fishbowl also has seamless accounting integrations with Intuit QuickBooks Online, Xero, and Reckon Accounts. Integrations of this nature extend Fishbowl’s capabilities by enabling real-time inventory and accounting reporting while increasing data accuracy.

Fishbowl Manufacturing

Fishbowl Manufacturing ® offers advanced manufacturing and inventory management features to put you in control of your production and order processes.

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Fishbowl Warehouse

Fishbowl Warehouse ® offers the most advanced inventory management features to put you in control of your order processes.

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The Fishbowl suite of inventory and manufacturing tools have been 20 years in the making. From humble beginnings as a small team with a dream of developing an inventory management add-on for Reckon Accounts, Fishbowl quickly became one of the first software developers awarded Gold Developer status by Intuit. This growth has continued, and today Fishbowl integrates with Xero, and Intuit QuickBooks online, as well as Reckon Accounts.

Fishbowl Inventory is adaptable, easy-to-learn and is tailored to suit the unique needs of each business. Above all, we are real people who care about your business. We implement Fishbowl onsite in your business, and we’re always available on the phone whenever you need us.

Why Fishbowl?


Success in the digital age is for the most part being aware that disruption is inevitable and perhaps more importantly, being able to adapt to the changes and respond accordingly.

To maintain a competitive edge, and meet the increasing demand to provide enhanced customer experience, businesses must implement innovative solutions in their operations.

One such solution that businesses could immediately reap the benefit from is the smart inventory management software of Fishbowl Inventory.

Fishbowl is a platform that ticks all the boxes.

With no limit on the number of products, locations, or number of users,

Fishbowl is the foundation to build for future growth.


Who is Fishbowl Suitable For?


Fishbowl is a smart, easy to use Order Management and Inventory Management software solution for any Import / Distribution company, or Manufacturer.

Many small and midsize businesses use manual processes in their warehouses and other areas of their operations. Businesses that manage inventory, reorder products, and do other essential tasks manually are missing out on the advantages of business automation. Fishbowl’s automation platform speeds up tasks, eliminates double data entry in multiple solutions, improves data accuracy, and helps workers be more productive.

How is Fishbowl Implemented?

When Fishbowl is implemented into your business, it’s not just a tool to manage your inventory levels, sales, purchasing, and manufacturing processes, but a way to make sure that your data is complete and accurate. With better workflows, in-depth reporting and minimising errors, Fishbowl saves time through removing the need for double data entry.

All software that we sell is backed up with an implementation plan where you have a dedicated Fishbowl Consultant to make sure the software is implemented the way that your business and workflow needs it to be. Your Consultant visits you onsite for implementation and staff training so that they see your operation and you can run through real life workflow scenarios to ensure you use Fishbowl in the way that is right for you.

This importance of onsite training cannot be over emphasised. Any company that tells you they understand your business process without having ever actually seeing it themselves, can only know half the story.

Once live, we provide amazing Service & Support with all the support team based in our Queensland office. You can pick up the phone to call us and we will help you through your questions. Real people, based here in Australia.

It’s not just about the data, it’s also about the people. We pride ourselves in having the best local team on the planet, with all support and sales done through our beautiful Sunshine Coast office, 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

What Does Fishbowl Integrate With?

Fishbowl becomes your day to day operational software. We focus on nailing your inventory and order management, and allow you the flexibility to choose your preferred:

We offer the full ERP ecosystem, but allow you the flexibility to create your perfect complete solution.

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