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Agriculture Production

Keeping your Agriculture business growing strong is made easier by managing your inventory as efficiently as possible.

Bills of Materials

You can create a bill of materials for every stage of production life cycle, from putting a seed into a sleeve through to the end product. That way, you know exactly how much stock you have and at what stage of production it is in.

Production Costing

As your products move through its growing cycle accumulate costs for labour or overheads.

Item Tracking

Whether it be Seeding date, batch number or harvest date; you have complete traceability of your stock.

Location Control

Know where you stock is at ant time and as stock progresses through the growing process track where it is up to within the site.


As there is stock loss Scrap stock to maintain accurate stock levels and report the cost of loss as it occurs.


Fishbowl Go can be used on your smartphone, tablet or barcode scanner.  Use the app as you move or product stock through a production process as it happens.

Sales Order Management

Take sales orders for products with forward fulfillment dates so you can plan your production needs based on customer requested dates.

Agricultural Case Studies

Fishbowl can be used in a huge number of industries and we love working with our agricultural clients.

See below for case studies for this industry.

Beachport Liquid Minerals, SA, Australia

Beachport Liquid Minerals found an immediate benefit to switching over to Fishbowl Inventory as a complete solution for their business. They found the company was saving money almost immediately with the cost savings in software maintenance for upgrades as well.

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