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Hospitality Supplies

Time is of the essence in this industry, there is no time to late orders our out of stocks in peak times.

Deliver outstanding customer service and make your business more efficient with Fishbowl.  Manage the complete sales process from customer data, and special pricing, right through to the Sales Order Pick, Pack and Ship process.  Ensuring your entire team knows where all sales is up to and ensuring you are able to fulfill customer orders In Full on Time.

On the Purchasing side, Fishbowl provides live inventory information and the reorder points and forecast demand reporting ensures that you maximise your buying process and carrying the most economical stock levels.  The entire process feeds directly into Xero, QuickBooks Online, or Reckon Accounts to ensure your accounts are kept up to date.

Whether you have 100 stock items, or 10,000; Fishbowl makes the process simple and efficient. 


Each User can create their own Dashboard that they see when logging in. This can show reports, graphs or a list of transactions that need actioning.

Sales Order

Create a Quote or Sales Order with all the customers special pricing, and search for an item by Part number, a word in the description or scan a barcode. Then take prepayment for the order and have Fishbowl automatically email your customer an Order Confirmation before Picking.

With our Quick Order plugin you can instantly see what customers have ordered previously and add the items instantly to the sales order. Saving you sales team hours!


The warehouse picking process is where Fishbowl comes into its own! With the list of picks to be completed showing in a list on the left-hand side the warehouse can see live their to-do list and prioritise this list by Due Date, Carrier or Delivery Run or Priority. They can start each pick individually, in a batch, or group multiple orders together into a grouped pick ticket.

The Pick then sorts the products into the most logical Pick Order so you can pick by warehouse shelf location. The time savings here can be huge.


Once orders are Picked, they progress to the Shipping step. From here the warehouse can sort Order by Delivery Run or Freight company and if you are using your own drivers prepare a run sheet.

With Fishbowl GO the Ship Step can be replaced with a driver Delivery function.  This enable the driver to get a customer’s signature on their phone or tablet enabling you to store it against the Shipment in Fishbowl for future reference.

Backorder Management

With Fishbowls Pick screen the warehouse can see all backorders as a red or a partial backorder as a yellow dot.  As stock becomes available the colour will change indicating to the backorder can now be fulfilled. 

As the warehouse Receives stock it is also possible for them to see which transactions are waiting on the stock to be received.

Customer Special Pricing

No more maintaining customer special pricing in spreadsheets or taking hours to look through previous transactions.  With Fishbowl’s Pricing Rules Module all special pricing can be maintained.  From customer Groups to customer specific; product group or product specific.  Calculated as a mark down, margin or mark-up, quantities breaks or date driven.  It’s all there!

Units of Measure

In Hospitality supplies it’s not uncommon to purchase by the carton by sell by the inner quantity.  For example, purchasing coffee cups by the carton but then selling by the carton or the Sleeve. 

With Fishbowl you can setup multiple selling products for the one stock code with independent units of measure and sell prices.

Reorder Points

Reorder points can be set manually against an item.  Imported from a spreadsheet or use Fishbowl Reorder Point calculate to maintain reorder points over time based on actual sales and usage history taking each supplier lead time and order interval into account.

Purchase Orders

Enter your Purchase Orders or utilise some of Fishbowl’s more advanced tools such as SO to PO or the Auto PO wizard to have Fishbowl create your purchase orders for you before sending to suppliers.


With Any warehouse Receiving stock in correctly is the starting point for accurate stock control.  With the dedicated Receiving Screen, the warehouse can print off a Receiving/Putaway Sheet and check in items as they are unpacked to a location, and receive and item in full or partially.

Warehouse Scanning

Combine Fishbowl with the Fishbowl GO scanning solution to automate all your processes on the warehouse floor.  From Receiving parts inwards, bin location control to Picking, Shipping and stocktakes. On your scanner, phone or tablet.


With Hospitality Supply Distribution, keeping a close eye on stock levels and product margins is critical.  With Fishbowls reporting tools you can look at sales by product, by product group, by customer, or create and your own custom reporting such as exception reporting where Fishbowl can email you periodically product sales that were below a defined margin.  Or if you deal with a group such as Kimberly Clarke have Fishbowl create for you instantly every month the rebate report.


Automate your business from end to end by having Sales Orders come into Fishbowl directly from an online shopping cart, a Rep on the road or a customer B2B portal and then when shipping orders from Fishbowl integrate with a freight system to automatically generate consignments.

Provide your customers the ultimate service level!

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