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Point of Sale Solution

A powerful, user friendly point of sale solution: Checkout by Fishbowl.

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Point Of Sale Solution: Money In The Bank

CHECKOUT will make the front desk more efficient and highly accurate

CHECKOUT Integrates Seamlessly With Fishbowl

Fishbowl now offers a powerful point of sale (POS) solution called Checkout. This is the first POS software that is specifically designed to integrate with Fishbowl Warehouse and Fishbowl Manufacturing. Having a combined POS and inventory management software is great for small businesses that want to be more efficient and keep data accurate.

In addition to its integration with Fishbowl, Checkout has three other main benefits for businesses.

Checkout’s main features


Payment Processing

Checkout allows retailers and other businesses to accept payments in the form of cash, check, credit card or debit card. This speeds up the payment process dramatically.

Barcode Reading

Being able to scan bar codes is an essential feature of a POS solution. It lets businesses instantly update their accounting and inventory records so they are always accurate and up to date

Touchscreen Friendly

Checkout has been designed with touchscreens in mind. Its user-friendly setup makes it easy to navigate. Plus, it can be used on mobile devices as well as laptops and desktop computers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other software can you use Fishbowl Checkout with?

Fishbowl Checkout works with Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse to provide the best point of sales solution for your business. It also integrates with accounting software such as Xero, QuickBooks Online, Netstock, TaxJar, and Reckon, which help you improve your cash flow and inventory management. Other software that can be used with fishbowl checkout includes Authorize.Net, Square, Clover Connect, Salesforce, Avalara,, and e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Stripe, Walmart, WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Big commerce, eBay, Kinein, X-cart, Zen Cart and more. These multiple integrations allow for a seamless sales process, accurate inventory data, and secure transactions.

How does Fishbowl protect my privacy?

Any personal information you share with Fishbowl will only be used to customise and improve your experience with the software. Fishbowl will not sell or give out your personal information to third parties without your permission unless compelled by law or government authority. Fishbowl is committed to keeping your trust and confidence, and protecting your privacy. To do this, appropriate procedures have been implemented to ensure that your information is kept safe from unauthorised viewers and that your personal data is not tampered with. Your personal information will be well-guarded and used appropriately, solely for your benefit.

What methods of payment can customers use with FIshbowl Checkout?

Fishbowl Checkout software allows your customers to pay with cash, check, e-check, gift card, credit card, debit card, and even wallets that store credit card details, so they don’t have to be re-entered every time a payment needs to be made. Fishbowl also has a built-in payment gateway, Authorize.Net, that lets you accept payment from major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. For faster payment processing and more payment options, Fishbowl Checkout can be integrated with Authorize.Net emulators such as WorldPay and other secure payment gateways like Square and Clover Connect.

Can Fishbowl checkout process refunds?

Yes, Fishbowl Checkout can process refunds. This is done in the same way as a normal sale, except it is recorded in the system as a “credit return” type instead of a “sale” type. To process a refund, all you have to do is create a return sales order, ensure the items that are to be returned have been entered correctly, and change the line item type from Sale to Credit Return. The amount to be refunded to the customer will be automatically calculated and shown on the page. Your return sales order can be marked complete once you’ve received the item from the customer, recorded it in your inventory, and issued the refund.

Can I manage my inventory from the Fishbowl point of sale?

Yes, you can perform inventory and asset management from the Fishbowl POS. Fishbowl’s retail point of sale system is integrated with Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse, making it a complete POS and inventory management solution. One of the key features of Fishbowl Checkout is Barcode Reading which lets you scan items by barcodes, product number, Universal Product Code (UPC), or Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). By doing this, you can instantly update your inventory records, make accounting adjustments, and even customise the prices of your items. You can also add new items to your inventory and manage sales orders from the Fishbowl POS.

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