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Fishbowl Go barcode scanning App available on iOS and Andriod

Why Use Barcode scanning in your warehouse?

Track thousands of unique parts with confidence and accuracy, across multiple warehouses with ease.

Incorporating barcoding technology in your warehouse can help speed up day to day processes and increase accuracy.

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Do you run a warehouse that stores thousands of unique items? Are you continually receiving and shipping new items? If so, you understand how difficult proper inventory tracking can be. With a powerful barcoding solution, you can easily control and track all your items and approach 100% accuracy in your inventory tracking.

Fishbowl’s wireless barcoding technology can save you time and money by increasing employee productivity, reducing excess inventory, and freeing up capital. Whether you have one warehouse or one hundred, the ability to easily and conveniently scan inventory will help your business. You can even print your own barcodes and custom label all your items, Fishbowl can produce these labels for you!

With the simple scan of a barcode and the press of a button, you can easily move inventory from one location to another. Fishbowl also allows you to quickly update the condition and other attributes of your inventory items. This gives you the ability to manage your entire inventory in real time. Fishbowl’s barcoding solution, Fishbowl GO, integrates with the Fishbowl Warehouse and Fishbowl Manufacturing software. The best user experience is achieved using a handheld Android scanning unit, and for part time use Fishbowl GO can be used on an IOS or Android Smart Phone.

With a fully functioning barcoding scanning system, you will have complete wireless access to your inventory management.

Fishbowl GO will accelerate your warehouse management processes, and enable you to:

  • Cycle counts for stocktake
  • Pick stock
  • Pack orders
  • Ship consignments
  • Receive goods in on Purchase orders or Transfer orders
  • Move inventory around your warehouse
  • Add Inventory
  • Scrap
  • Look up Parts
  • Work Order processing
  • Create new Sales Orders on the go
  • Delivery – On screen Proof of Delivery signature capture

Take your warehouse to the next level by incorporating powerful, easy-to-use bar-coding technology. Fishbowl Go lets you view and adjust inventory levels from anywhere in your warehouse. Whether you are shipping, receiving or simply moving inventory from one location to another, Fishbowl will help you increase your inventory accuracy and worker productivity with ease!

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Fishbowl Go barcode scanning Case study
Fishbowl Inventory How to implement barcode scanning

The picking process has become a lot more streamlined. The use of barcodes and the scanning software (Fishbowl Go) has meant that it has been very easy to train new staff within the business.

Sid Samuel

Sales & Operations, FILTERMAX

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