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Automate Manufacturing Processes to Save Time and Money

Automate complex work orders from bill of materials with options, and more can be set up with the right software.


  • Automate complex manufacturing tasks
  • Easily plan ahead for production changes
  • Quickly monitor and maintain equipment
  • Create multiple stage bills of materials
  • Have detailed recipes and production instructions to
    make it easy for all users

Manufacturing Inventory Software

  • Speed up the manufacturing process
  • Save time by eliminating unnecessary steps
  • Print invoices
  • Create build-to-order manufacturing orders
  • Use tracking and batch control information at different stages of manufacturing

Bill of Materials

  • Automatically generate Bills of Materials
  • Quickly locate parts in a warehouse
  • Monitor and maintain equipment
  • Create multi-stage bill of materials
  • Store tracking information against finished goods

Work Orders

  • Transform sales orders into work orders
  • Create simple and multilevel work orders
  • Use work orders for a variety of jobs

Green Beacon Brewing, QLD, Australia

Green Beacon Brewing, recently bought by global beer, spirits, soft drinks and food powerhouse, Asahi, relies on Fishbowl for the management of their production, inventory, sales and distribution as their beer is manufactured from two sites in Brisbane and distributed throughout Australia.

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Manufacturing Made Easy Through Automation

Fishbowl is an affordable manufacturing solution for any business

Bill of Materials Can Save Time on the Warehouse Floor

With Fishbowl Manufacturing®, after a bill of materials is created, it can automatically be generated again and again each time that specific job occurs. This speeds up the manufacturing process by helping manufacturers get organised faster.

A bill of materials can be customised to meet different needs. For example, if there are several versions of the same product, the bill of materials can be modified for one version to be used for all the others.

A bill of materials doesn’t have to just be a list of words. It can also include pictures of the parts you’re looking for to make them easier to identify. Using a wireless mobile device, parts on a bill of materials can quickly be located within your warehouse.

If you don’t use everything on the bill of materials, you can go into Fishbowl Manufacturing and easily adjust the records to show the actual number of parts you used, instead of the planned number. This cuts down on wasted materials and it keeps your records accurate.

Unlimited Stages for Production Means you can get on with Manufacturing

Fishbowl is an affordable manufacturing solution for small to mid-size businesses

From the Simplest Foodstuffs to Complex Machinery, Fishbowl has you Covered

Fishbowl Manufacturing® lets you create multilevel work orders, which organise complex manufacturing jobs by stages. That way, you know exactly what stage needs to be completed before moving on to the next one. You can also assign worker roles and necessary parts to each stage.

There are many benefits of creating multilevel work orders through Fishbowl Manufacturing, including:

  • Automatically estimate the amount of time it takes to complete each stage
  • Schedule tasks to maximise efficiency
  • Manage all manufacturing jobs in one convenient software interface
  • Hold workers accountable for their assigned tasks
  • Access up-to-date information on how production is progressing
  • Track inventory levels in real time
  • Identify areas for improvement on the production line
  • And much more

With Fishbowl Manufacturing, detailed manufacturing jobs are much easier to plan. Simply create multilevel work orders in Fishbowl Manufacturing and let the software calculate production times and keep track of many other logistics.

Work Order Management Made Easy Through Automation

Fishbowl is an affordable manufacturing solution for small to mid-size businesses.

Fishbowl Manufacturing is a Manufacturers Best Friend

Fishbowl Manufacturing® is a powerful inventory solution for manufacturers of all sizes and types. It allows you to create both simple and complex work orders for a variety of tasks.

Whether you need to perform a quick manufacturing job or a multi-step job requiring coordination between several locations, Fishbowl Manufacturing has all the features you need to make it happen quickly and efficiently.

With Fishbowl Manufacturing, you can create work orders for:

  • Assembling products
  • Disassembling products
  • Repurposing one product’s parts into other products
  • Repairing damaged products
  • Maintaining products
  • Managing employee payrolls and work schedules
  • And many other tasks

Fishbowl Manufacturing is much more affordable than other software solutions that offer similar features. It’s a great fit for small and midsize businesses because of its price point and flexible feature set.

As your business grows and needs increase, you can find more functionality in Fishbowl Manufacturing or add more solutions that have what you need. This means you can stay with Fishbowl for many years rather than having to switch inventory systems when you grow beyond one’s capabilities.

This insight and overall higher level of reassurance for our reporting has proved to be invaluable.

Lisa Coller

Company Accountant, Green Beacon Brewing

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