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Let Fishbowl help your team operate more efficiently to keep your customers from being in the dark

Lighting is a complex product to supply. Optional variations, large number of parts in each finished product, and the vast number of units required for each job.

Let Fishbowl help your team operate more efficiently to keep your customers from being in the dark.

Multiple Vendors Per Part

If your business has a requirement to purchase common items from several different vendors based on availability or Price; then Fishbowl enables you to link an unlimited number vendors with a Part number. 

For each part, Fishbowl will record each vendor unique manufacturers part number, your purchase price (in the vendors currency and your home currency) and track information such as minimum order quantity and last purchase date.

Customer Special Pricing

No more maintaining customer special pricing in spreadsheets or taking hours to look through previous transactions.  With Fishbowl’s Pricing Rules Module all special pricing can be maintained.  From customer Groups to customer specific; product group or product specific.  Calculated as a mark down, margin or mark-up, quantities breaks or date driven.  It’s all there!

Staged Work Orders

If you manufacture architectural lighting then Fishbowl has a range of features such as Multi-Stage Bills of Material and the ability to consume in different units of measure such as aluminum extrusion. 

Print out Work Order Travellers for your production team or have them complete the entire manufacturing process on a Tablet, Phone or Scanner with Fishbowl GO.


Reorder Points

Reorder points can be set manually against an item.  Imported from a spreadsheet or use Fishbowl Reorder Point calculate to maintain reorder points over time based on actual sales and usage history taking each supplier lead time and order interval into account.

Landed Costs

Once stock is Received not only can you match this to your suppliers Invoice, which then gets sent to Xero, QuickBooks Online or Reckon Accounts, the Reconcile Wizard will also let you add all the freight and external costs of the order and apportion that cost to the items Received so you know what you stock really costs you – giving accurate margin reporting.


Fishbowl’s Sales and Purchasing process has all the multi-currency features.  Setup the currencies you trade with, assign them to Customers and Vendors and Fishbowl will do the rest.


Prepare professional looking quotes within Fishbowl quickly and easily and customize your quote document that will light up the room with all your product Images and Terms.

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