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High Volume Inventory

As the legal cannabis market continues to expand, companies will need a more robust inventory management solution to meet their increasingly complex requirements.

As the legal cannabis market continues to expand in Australia, companies in this industry will require robust inventory management solution to meet their increasingly complex industry requirements.

Wider distributions, product customization, and other changes will make the limitations of manual inventory systems clear. Trying to record vital inventory information in Excel is impractical once you reach high volumes.  Fishbowl is here to deliver.

Growers, producers, and retailers can enjoy the following features:

  • Manage a variety of plants and harvests across multiple locations
  • Transfer plants from one location to another within one facility or between multiple facilities
  • Track the progress of plants through the growth cycle
  • Use bills of materials and work orders to manufacture finished goods
  • Manage and track unused plant and package tags
  • Generate detailed reports on many aspects of your inventory and operations
  • Harvest plants into packaged products
  • Always keep your inventory and accounting records in sync

Product Information

For many products in the Health and Wellbeing industry it is important for your team to know as much as possible information about your product range as possible. 

With Fishbowl, you can record everything from your standard product data, active ingredients, supplies and even unlimited custom fields for searching and reporting.

Batch Tracking

Maintain accurate control of all relevant tracking on your products such as batch or best before dates.  Know exactly where there are, report on any short-dated stock that you are holding and run reports to instantly find when a batch was received and who it has been shipped to or scrapped.

Labeling and Scanning

Maintain control across every step of your warehousing process via product labelling and warehouse scanning with Fishbowl GO. 

Track Locations, inbound orders, outbound orders and stock transactions such as Cycle and Scrap.

Order Automation

If you have a portal where clinics are to place orders with details such as patient name and prescription numbers, then utilise Fishbowls API and integration capabilities to pass orders directly into the warehouse for processing.  Create a Quote or Sales Order directly in Fishbowl with all the customers special pricing, and search for an item by Part number, a word in the description or scan a barcode.  Then take prepayment for the order and have Fishbowl automatically email your customer an Order Confirmation before Picking.

Industry Specific Reporting

Over time as the Cannabis industry evolves in Australia there is expected to be industry reporting requirements like the METRC reporting in the USA.  With Fishbowl, we are able to create and customise reports to meet the reporting requirements or utilise the connection to our SQL database to pass data directly to a reporting agency.

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