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So what do our clients say?

You have heard what we have to say, so here are some comments from our amazing clients from around the Asia Pacific zone

Why did we buy Fishbowl? We wanted a Manufacturing system that was able to grow and adapt with our business and set us apart in our industry.

Fishbowl is a key inventory system that has developed into so much more for us. It helps in all Manufacturing processes and has FANTASTIC reporting.

Emma Shepherd

Operations Manager, DOLPHIN PLASTICS

Our business has been growing for a number of years, exponentially. So we were looking at ways to improve our business processes and in particular across our warehouse. One of the issues we had was basically with an accounting system which was just exactly that. It didn’t really handle warehousing as such and all the requirements of a warehouse system. The inventory management was a key thing and that’s been provided by Fishbowl. It’s also allowed us to standardise our business processes which was something lacking in a business which is growing, and we needed to have systems in place to stabilise the business.

Since we’ve stabilised the Warehouse and it’s basic Warehousing functions, we are now looking at things like a web-based sales application for sales team etc. We’re expanding beyond the basics of what we originally expected of Fishbowl. Over the next 6-12 months we’ll go to the next level of development in our business because we’ll be using things which integrate well with Fishbowl.

Adrian Snaidero

Financial Controller, 12 BOTTLES

Fishbowl has definitely brought everything together and it’s also helpful that we’ve got Fishbowl within our 3 businesses because we’re able to use it together and the visibility of the inventory and where everything is at with the sales orders, and the access to the data and reports that we can create from it just make it all so much easier to handle.

Alex Pallot


The picking process has become a lot more streamlined. The use of barcodes and the scanning software (Fishbowl Go) has meant that it has been very easy to train new staff within the business.

Sid Samuel

Sales & Operations, FILTERMAX

We can highly recommend Fishbowl Software to any business that is looking to choose an excelent cost-effective ERP software system.

Karen Russell

Financial Controller, DINGO AUSTRALIA

We have used Fishbowl for just 18-months now. As a result, it has enabled us to expand our business and open two new warehouses in two different Australian States.

 We absolutely could not have grown so quickly without using Fishbowl in our business.

Andy Lee

Managing Director, SECUSAFE

The Ocean Support program for user support on Fishbowl Inventory is EXCELENT. I always have my questions answered in a timely fashion which enables us to get on with running our business.

Colleen Tilley

Accounts, Beachport Liquid Minerals

Fishbowl and Reckon Accounts integrated is the greatest benefit as it allows real time access to the company files and manufacturing software whereever the directors are in the world.

Mohamed Soukie


The training videos are excellent, and support is available when and where you need it.

Henk van de Ven

Managing Director, ENZED ALBURY

Within Fishbowl all goods must now be properly receipted before they can be sold providing better stock reporting and accurate margin reporting.

Ian Smith


Within the first 4 months of implementation, our initial investment has been recouped 5 times over.

Alfred Mazzaferro

Managing Director, Durmaz Importers & Wholesalers

We now have the ability to process a sales order for any customer without having to double check discounts or freight costs with other staff members.

Cheryl Barnes

Accounts & Administration, FILTERTECH

We can now track inventory, which has been our biggest improvement, and it’s easier to look at sales data which has been amazing … We are just scraping the surface!

Keiren Kennedy

Warehouse & Logistics Manager, BOWDENS OWN

Knowing what stock we have and where it is has been amazing as we have 3 branches so it is great to be able to jump on a program which is linked to our other branches and be able to go “Oh we’ve got some at Tweed, so I can get this to you tomorrow”. Before that we had to ring and get someone to go out the back and check, so that’s really helped us.

Having the Fishbowl help whenever we need it is awesome. I like being able to ring you guys up and go, this isn’t working and you guys always saying “Okay, we’ll fix it, don’t worry”. Sometimes we’ve got staff who barely know how to use a computer and they are trying to do something and they;ve tried to fix it themselves rather than coming to someone else and then we’ll get on the phone because it’s gone beyond our ability to help and you guys go “That’s alright, let us get behind the scenes and have a look what they’ve done”.

Karen Lane


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