Managing your suppliers contact details alone can be a tough thing to keep on top of, add to this the items that they supply, the prices they sell to you at, vendor lead times, their payment terms, their shipping terms, minimum order quantities, and other vendor specific information, and all of a sudden you have a lot to manage!

Which suppliers have you purchased from in the past? Who gave you the best deal or turn-around time? Fishbowl automatically saves and organises that vendor information and displays it in an easy-to-use, helpful fashion. When you’re ready to reorder, just click the Reorder Point button on a particular item and Fishbowl will create the Purchase Order for the correct vendor and let you make any last-minute modifications. Fishbowl makes purchasing easy and can save you real money.

Let Fishbowl help you to manage all of this information in a centralised place. Fishbowl will link this information to your Purchasing workflow and you will reduce your stock outages of key lines, which means you will be able to manufacture and deliver in full on time.

You may order one part from multiple vendors depending on price or availability. Your vendors may not use the same stock keeping name and number as you for these items. No problem, Fishbowl handles this with ease. With Fishbowl you can order the same item from multiple vendors and depending on the vendor selected Fishbowl will automatically use their part number and description on the Purchase Order you place with them.

Key Vendor Management features include:

Multi Currency

Supplier Lead Times

Minimum Order Quantities

Convert supplier codes into your codes

Multiple ship-to addresses & drop shipping

Quickly receive products into your warehouse

Track shipments to their destination

Set up automatic Reorder Points for products

Avoid costly shortages and overstocks

Sales Order to Purchase Order automation

Manufacturing Order to Purchase Order automation

Email orders to suppliers at a click of a button

Multi Currency

Multi-currency conversions are available in Fishbowl. This allows you to create and receive sales orders and purchase orders in any currency and then convert them into your home currency for accurate accounting and tax records.

Fishbowl’s Multi-Currency Features Allow You To:

  • Assign currencies to vendors and customers
  • Create sales orders and purchase orders in any currency
  • Integrate your currency preferences with accounting system
  • Ensure your total inventory costs and revenue are in the right currency


Fishbowl tracks the time from order placed to the goods arriving. Over time this is a very useful tool for comparing vendors performance allowing you to make informed decisions on which vendors to use. Keep your customers and staff informed with this information.

Minimum Order Quantities

Set up minimum order values per supplier and be alerted of these minimums when placing orders with them.

Multiple Ship-to Addresses


If you have multiple sites Fishbowl allows you to use multiple ship-to addresses for your Purchase Orders with vendors.

For vendors that drop ship, you can enter multiple ship-to destination addresses. Place your Purchase Orders with your supplier and have them ship the goods directly to the end user saving you time and domestic freight charges.

Reorder Points For Products

Fishbowl lets you easily create auto reorder points based on past sales and future projections. You can also manually create company-wide or location-specific reorder points. Simply hit the Auto PO (Purchase Order) button and Fishbowl will calculate how much to order and from whom. Once you have reorder points set up and an item reaches its reorder point, Fishbowl automatically creates a PO for that item containing the preferred vendor and the proper quantity. You can immediately issue the PO to the vendor or alter it first and then issue it. This function is a huge time saver!

Sales Order to Purchase Order Conversion

Convert any Sales Order to a Purchase Order at the touch of a button. If the items have been purchased before, then Fishbowl will remember the previous price and will automatically enter that price into the purchase order as the default.

Manufacture Order to Purchase Order Functionality

If a part is short on a Manufacture Order and you don’t have enough to complete the job, you can automatically create a Purchase Order right from the Manufacture Order for the missing part. It will order from the default vendor you have set.

Email Purchase Orders

Create a Purchase Order by clicking the “Auto PO” button, “SO to PO”, “MO to PO”, or by keying in an order. Once complete simply email this order off to the supplier and let them go to work.

Efficient, accurate, and correct order management.


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