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Health Products

Health product providers can avoid potentially disastrous shortages and unnecessary overstocks if they put into practice the right inventory management software.

Keep the health and wellbeing of your warehousing processes strong with Fishbowl Warehouse. Manage the ordering of stock, track all your critical product information such as batch numbers or best before dates. Maintain your clients special pricing and know exactly what inventory you have and where it is.

Product Information

For many products in the Health and Wellbeing industry it is important for your team to know as much as possible information about your product range as possible. With Fishbowl, you can record everything from your standard product data, active ingredients, supplies and even unlimited custom fields for searching and reporting.

Batch and Best Before Date Tracking

Maintain accurate control of all relevant tracking on your products such as batch or best before dates. Know exactly where there are, report on any short dates stock that you are holding and run reports to instantly find when a batch was received and who it has been shipped to.

Custom Fields

Often when dealing with sales of health products you may be invoicing a clinic or practitioner but may also want to record a Doctor or a Patient name on the order and then report or search for this in the future. With the ability to create unlimited custom fields in the Sales Order screen (or any screen for that matter the entering and searching for additional data that is important to you is easy!

Customer Special Pricing

No more maintaining customer special pricing in spreadsheets or taking hours to look through previous transactions. With Fishbowl’s Pricing Rules Module all special pricing can be maintained. From customer Groups to customer specific; product group or product specific. Calculated as a mark down, margin or mark-up, quantities breaks or date driven. It’s all there!

Efficient Sales Order Entry

Create a Quote or Sales Order with all the customers special pricing, and search for an item by Part number, a word in the description or scan a barcode. Then take prepayment for the order and have Fishbowl automatically email your customer an Order Confirmation before Picking.

Warehouse Locations

With Fishbowl you can create unlimited Location Groups (Warehouses) and within each Location Group create you desired stock locations. Even Create a prefer Sort/Pick Order so that you Pick Slips print in the most efficient order for your team on the warehouse floor.

Backorder Management

With Fishbowls Pick screen the warehouse can see all backorders as a red or a partial backorder as a yellow dot. As stock becomes available the colour will change indicating to the backorder can now be fulfilled. As the warehouse Receives stock it is also possible for them to see which transactions are waiting on the stock to be received.

Consignment Stock

If you send stock to customers on a Consignment basis. Fishbowl has a dedicated module to manage that. From creating a Transfer Order to move the stock to the customer to Creating a Sales Order and Invoicing them for stock consumed. This can all be done from the one screen.

You can even utilise a schedule to automatically email your consignment customers what you are showing as stock on hand for them each month.

Inventory Reporting

Know exactly what your inventory levels are, where your inventory is in the warehouse as well as know exactly what products have cost you over time with Fishbowls Inventory module and reporting.

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