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Inventory & Order Management the way it should be!

The smart & simple ERP solution that helps your business grow.

Fishbowl Warehouse

Automate everyday warehouse processes and track an unlimited number of parts across multiple warehouses.

The Smart, Simple, Scalable, Flexible & Powerful solution.

Fishbowl Manufacturing

Fishbowl Manufacturing gives you the same automation platform large businesses use, but for an affordable price.

Inventory & Manufacturing Made Easy

Based in Queensland Australia, Fishbowl Inventory takes care of more than 500 companies, and over 5,000 of their employees across Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia every day.

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Fishbowl Inventory user interface

50,000 users worldwide + 20 Years of successful implementation

“We have been working with Fishbowl for over 3 years now, and the service we get through the service team is always amazing. It’s always a pleasure to speak with them. The software has helped us to scale our business and works well with our business systems.”

Win Nguyen,

Sports Master Athletic Int.

“Great piece of software creating the foundations of our operations.

Plus excellent staff always happy to help and provide support when required!

Definitely recommend.”

Steve Evans,

Vision Flex

“Starting a new inventory system can be painful – but with Fishbowl you not only get a great program but all the support and advice you could possibly need. Cannot recommend the program and the people at Fishbowl enough.”

Sandy Springer,

SafePak Industrial Supplies

“We have not looked back since changing to Fishbowl, as a company to support our inventory control and look forward to bringing more of the plugin products onboard to improve our processes and time efficiencies even more as we continue to expand.”

Laura Eisele,

Monbulk Rural

Easy Integrations –
Plug & Play

Fishbowl integrates with the most popular business solutions to automate your critical business processes and improve efficiency.

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Reckon Accounts





File Storage


Sales Rep + B2B 







Why Choose FishBowl Inventory?

The smart and simple ERP solution to help grow your business.

Simple, affordable & powerful inventory & manufacturing Software

With no limit on the number of products, locations, or number of users, Fishbowl is the foundation to build for future growth.


Real local support


Local Support all based in the Queensland office.

All software is implemented onsite by our amazing in house Client Success consultants. 

50,000 users & 20 years of implementation experience

Worldwide experience across a huge range of industries with high profile users from the USA, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand 


Why you need inventory management software in 2022

Lessons learned from the last 24 months

As we looked back on the past two years, one thing that stood out to us and impressed us most, was the number of existing Fishbowl clients that excelled through the turmoil by quickly utilising integrated solutions around their Fishbowl Inventory platform.

At the same time, we were amazed by the number of companies that did not have proper inventory management software in their business, approaching us looking for a better way to run their inventory-based business as they were feeling the disruptive effects the year brought.

The last two years has shown us all, things that are totally out of our control can have a major effect on our business. Companies that were vulnerable have paid the price.

CLICK HERE to learn how could this have been avoided?

Fishbowl Inventory, Streamline your operations
DVR Metal industries use Fishbowl Inventory

“We have been using Fishbowl Manufacturing at DVR Metal Industries for 18 months now. Having never used any inventory or manufacturing software previously it seemed pretty daunting at first. However once we had the training it became clear of how easy it is to use the software.

There have been no problems at all and we are using more of the functionality all of the time. If you are looking for inventory or manufacturing software that integrates with Xero then Fishbowl should be your first choice.”

Steve Viner, DVR Metal Industries

We are pleased to announce our acquisition of SalesIn 

An exciting addition to our family!

It is with great excitement that we can announce that Fishbowl Inventory Asia Pacific has acquired SalesIn.

SalesIn is a combination of a Sales Rep iOS application and a B2B portal, offering an exciting addition to our existing product suite.

Case Studies

Victory Parts

Victory Parts, located on the Sunshine Coast is dedicated to selling quality, aftermarket, wholesale marine parts to their customers throughout Australia. Fishbowl has saved them hours each day within their purchasing department and tracking alone. ​

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Just fill in the information and click the GET STARTED button to access our download. The free-trial versions are fully functional copies of our software with all capabilities enabled. A Fishbowl technician will contact you — usually within two business days — to help answer any questions you may have.

Important: We will never sell your information to third parties.

Knowing what stock we have and where it is has been amazing as we have 3 branches so it is great to be able to jump on a program which is linked to our other branches and be able to go “Oh we’ve got some at Tweed, so I can get this to you tomorrow”. Before that we had to ring and get someone to go out the back and check, so that’s really helped us.

Having the Fishbowl help whenever we need it is awesome. I like being able to ring you guys up and go, this isn’t working and you guys always saying “Okay, we’ll fix it, don’t worry”. Sometimes we’ve got staff who barely know how to use a computer and they are trying to do something and they’ve tried to fix it themselves rather than coming to someone else and then we’ll get on the phone because it’s gone beyond our ability to help and you guys go “That’s alright, let us get behind the scenes and have a look what they’ve done”.


Complete Air Supply

We can now track inventory, which has been our biggest improvement, and it’s easier to look at sales data which has been amazing … We are just scraping the surface!


House & Logistics Manager

We now have the ability to process a sales order for any customer without having to double check discounts or freight costs with other staff members.


Accounts & Administration | Filtertech

Within the first 4 months of implementation, our initial investment has been recouped 5 times over.


Managing Director | Durmaz Importers & Wholesalers

Within Fishbowl all goods must now be properly receipted before they can be sold providing better stock reporting and accurate margin reporting.


Director | Heidelberg Fine Art

The training videos are excellent, and support is available when and where you need it.


Managing Director | Enzed Albury

Fishbowl and Reckon Accounts integrated is the greatest benefit as it allows real time access to the company files and manufacturing software wherever the directors are in the world.


General Manager | Synergy Integrated Solutions

The Ocean Support program for user support on Fishbowl Inventory is EXCELLENT. I always have my questions answered in a timely fashion which enables us to get on with running our business.


Accounts | Beachport Liquid Minerals

We have used Fishbowl for just 18-months now. As a result, it has enabled us to expand our business and open two new warehouses in two different Australian States. We absolutely could not have grown so quickly without using Fishbowl in our business.


Managing Director | Secusafe

We can highly recommend Fishbowl Software to any business that is looking to choose an excellent cost-effective ERP software system.


Financial Controller | Dingo Australia

The picking process has become a lot more streamlined. The use of barcodes and the scanning software (Fishbowl Go) has meant that it has been very easy to train new staff within the business.


Sales & Operations | Filter Max

Fishbowl has definitely brought everything together and it’s also helpful that we’ve got Fishbowl within our 3 businesses because we’re able to use it together and the visibility of the inventory and where everything is at with the sales orders, and the access to the data and reports that we can create from it just make it all so much easier to handle.


IT Manager, Everton Group