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Fishbowl Manufacturing® is an affordable inventory & Manufacturing solution for small and midsize businesses

Fishbowl Manufacturing offers manufacture orders, advanced work orders, bills of materials, and other tools you need to maximize efficiency within your production process. Whether you have simple or more complex manufacturing needs, Fishbowl Manufacturing is a great solution for you.

Fishbowl Manufacturing includes all of the amazing features that are available in Fishbowl Warehouse while allowing you to extend the capabilities with access to the Manufacturing suite.

Automate your Manufacturing Processes to save time and money, and easily report on costs and margins.

Automate manufacturing processes in your business using the Automated Custom Work Order, Batch Work Orders, Work Orders, and Repair Work Orders and gain total visibility as to what can be made using the Available to build calculations in Fishbowl.

View all of your inventory across an unlimited number of locations and control your inventory with the ability to carry out simple Stocktakes, either company wide or by location. Easily cycle count, move inventory, and scrap faulty goods.

The Fishbowl Manufacturing suite allows you to track Lot and Serial Number tracking throughout the production process.

We implement all new clients onsite in your business and once live, we have local support – real people on a real phone number, all based in Australia.

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Fishbowl Manufacturing


Fishbowl Manufacturing is a fully featured inventory management solution. Create, manage, or view advanced work orders, bills of materials, lot and serial number tracking, barcode scanning, available-to-build calculations, true cost of goods, yield calculations, and more.

Integrates with Xero, Quickbooks Online, Reckon Accounts, and 12+ e-commerce platforms, including BigCommerce, eBay, Shopify, Magento, Amazon, WooCommerce, and more.

Inventory Management

Streamline and scale your processes with advanced inventory management features. Manage multiple locations. Track purchase orders and manufacture orders. Create reorder points for every item in your warehouse. Calculate ideal reorder quantity for each inventory item.

Additionally, manage multiple warehouses, set up auto reorder points to prevent stockouts, generate barcodes, automate order creation, and more.

Fishbowl Inventory Management
Fishbowl Manufacturing

Advanced Work Orders

Automate work order creation, whether simple or complex, for all your tasks. Create build-to-order work orders for assembly, sub-assembly, disassembly, repair, and other jobs.

Group multiple work orders into overarching manufacture orders. Add step by step instructions. Categorize, prioritize, and schedule work orders, and attach pictures, documents, and notes.

Barcode Scanning

Turn your smartphone or tablet’s camera into a barcode scanner with our mobile app (Apple iOS and Android).

Plus, perform cycle counts (Stocktakes), check inventory quantities, create sales orders, pick and pack orders, accept signatures, receive items, assign lot and serial numbers, get low stock notifications, and more.

Fishbowl Go Barcode scanning

Why did we buy Fishbowl? We wanted a Manufacturing system that was able to grow and adapt with our business and set us apart in our industry.

Fishbowl is a key inventory system that has developed into so much more for us. It helps in all Manufacturing processes and has FANTASTIC reporting.

Emma Shepherd

Operations Manager, DOLPHIN PLASTICS

All the Bill of Materials Tools


After you create a Bill of Materials (BOM) in Fishbowl, you can save it for future use. Create all of your Bill of Materials and duplicate easily, allowing for variations over time for version control.  From the Bill of Materials create Work Orders for each production run and associate other information against your Bill of Materials such as routes and instructions, Location for production and Build Time.

Fishbowl caters to your more complex production needs such as multi-stage Bill of Materials, ability to include internal labour or outsourced production processes such as powder coating of cost for one off times such as setup times in the production area.


Within Bill of Materials you can detail the instructions, routes or processes that need to be followed during the manufacturing process including external links to files or images of processes.


With Fishbowl you can create multiple Work Orders within an overriding Manufacturing order for separate products being made together or if a production process has stages. 

Each Work Order can be assigned to a Location, Category (anything from a production line to a staff member for scheduling) and production time. 

Once your Work Orders are scheduled in Fishbowl, you can generate a Work Order Traveller with Instruction Steps or manage the process electronically on a tablet with Fishbowl GO.

Plan & Measure your Manufacturing


Move Work Orders through different Locations so that you know exactly where your Work Orders are up to.  Be alerted if something has not been completed on time and know your staffing requirements by production area.


Dynamically manage your production schedule in a Calendar view by dragging Work Orders and changing their expected time allocation. 

Filter the Calendar by Work Order Category to filter your calendar for particular staff or production segments.


Once the Work Order has been actioned, keep track of where everything is up to by Starting the Work Order, Picking the Stock to the Work Order so you know what your inventory levels really are and consume for the stock picked; allowing Fishbowl to report your production yield as below. 


If you have a need to track Serial Numbers, Batch Numbers, Lot Numbers or Expiry dates of stock through your production process from Raw Material through to a Finished Product, Fishbowl gives you complete traceability.

Smart Manufacturing Automation


Combine Fishbowl Manufacturing with Fishbowl Time which is a cloud-based timekeeping solution for tracking employees’ hours.  With Fishbowl Time, your production staff are able to clock on and off the open Work Orders in Fishbowl showing you the accurate labour costs in your manufacturing work orders.

Fishbowl Time Lets you:

  • Incorporate labour costs into total costs of work orders
  • Budget labour costs and then compare them to the actual numbers
  • Clock in and out from any Internet-connected device
  • Use GPS tracking to check where employees clock in and out from


If you manufacture products to customers orders, this process is completely automated with Fishbowl.  You can configure a Bill of Material to automatically create the Work Order when a Sales Order is entered for that item and even create configurable Bill of Materials which enables a sales person to configure the product which needs to be made.


If certain parts, materials or services are purchased specifically when needed for a Manufacturing Order, use the MO to PO wizard to have Fishbowl create the required Purchase Orders for all or just the required items.

Powerful Manufacturing Reports


Generate the reports that you need throughout the Production process.  From the initial Work Order Traveller, Scheduling reports or Manufacturing Cost reports. 

If you are in an Industry that requires particular production reporting, work with our team to build that report into your Fishbowl.

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