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It’s not just about the data, it’s also about the people and we have the best local team on the planet!

We absolutely love our Fishbowl team and we work super hard, every single day, to deliver the highest quality service we possibly can.

Each department and person’s role exists for one core reason – to support our amazing clients and make sure they get the most from Fishbowl’s wide range to run their business.

This is what our Team looks like – all from our beautiful Sunshine Coast office, 8am to 5pm (AEST), Monday to Friday.

Client Service & Support

So, you have implemented a fancy new system in your business and now it’s ‘Live’, but you’re left to figure things out on your own? Or when you try calling someone for help, there’s no phone number because your new provider wants to communicate with you via email only? Perhaps their ‘Support office’ is based overseas on a completely different time-zone!

Why would anyone do this to their business?

We give you our promise, we will NEVER do this to you.

Our Client Service & Support team is one of the jewels in our crown. They are here for your team, Monday to Friday, between 8am to 5pm (AEST), and they support your team over the phone.

It is simple, just call us.

    Day-to-day questions, mistakes and process reminders are helped by our skilled Fishbowl Client Service & Support experts who help you over the phone and by connecting onto your computer (via secure remote access software). They show your how to quickly fix mistakes and show you step-by-step onscreen, how to do something correctly in Fishbowl.

    We provide two options for Fishbowl ‘Support’:

    • Ocean Support – Which provides you with priority and unlimited day-to-day telephone & email support with a fixed monthly price, so you never need to worry about Support costs blowing out. Plus you also receive a 20% discount off any future training or report development.
    • Pay as you go Support – Which is billed at an hourly rate, pro-rata, for the duration of the support service.

    Truly the best service and support you will get anywhere

    Andres Runge


    Client Success

    Ready to take your business to the next level? Our in-house Consultants will get you there.

    Are you implementing Fishbowl for the first time in your business? Or is your team ready to learn even more about Fishbowl with training and advice? Is your business expanding to a new warehouse, another state or overseas? Or do you need extra technical functionality to deliver your products to a wider market with the help of Fishbowl plugins, Apps, integrations or reporting?

    Our dedicated Fishbowl Consultants make it happen.

    Drawing upon years of hands-on practical and technical experience with inventory, warehousing and manufacturing companies, Fishbowl Consultants are the cream of the crop.

    Our Consultants deliver the training and operational process your business needs, by travelling to see you onsite in your business, or for shorter consulting sessions online and over the phone, to ensure your Fishbowl Inventory success.

    Your Fishbowl Consultant is with you from the very start of your Fishbowl journey, and they stay with you through every stage as your business grows.

    The Ocean Support Program for user support on Fishbowl is excellent. I always have my questions answered in a timely fashion which enables us to get on with running our business.

    Colleen Tilley

    Beachport Liquid Minerals

    Client Solutions

    Is your business struggling with your current inventory system? Or worse, wasting countless hours trying to manage stock or manufacturing in spreadsheets? Perhaps your business is constantly under-ordering stock or ordering too much, or the wrong stock is being picked and shipped on customer orders and you’re losing valuable customers fast?

    Maybe your business is crying out for efficiencies that proper Inventory management can provide such as – barcode scanning, Serial/Lot number tracking, automatic stock re-ordering, Manufacturing and labour costing and processes, or eCommerce integrations just to name a few?

    You are not alone. We hear from businesses just like yours, every day.

    Our Client Solutions team are business solutions experts. They are here to listen to you and to understand what your business needs.

    Then, they will help by connecting you with the right Fishbowl solutions that will enable your business to successfully grow with efficiency, accuracy, automation, real-time data and reporting so you’re able to measure, manage and grow your business.

    Contact Us

    Give us a call and have a chat with one of our amazing client solutions team
    AU: 1300 785 755
    NZ: 0800 785 755

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