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Custom Manufacturing & Assembly

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Fishbowl is an ideal inventory management solution for manufacturers

Fishbowl’s powerful Manufacturing tools make it the ideal choice for the custom manufacturing and assembly work flow

A lot of manufacturing and Bill of Materials software is great when you make the same product day in and day out. But a lot of manufactures make products that are designed specifically for a customer or a customized based on a set of options of your products.

If you are quoting in spreadsheets and struggling to get accurate costing on a product you want to quote to a customer or manufacturer that Fishbowl can provide the features to help streamline the process from Quote, to Sales Order, Work Order and then purchasing the required materials.

DVR Metal industries use Fishbowl Inventory

“We have been using Fishbowl Manufacturing at DVR Metal Industries for 18 months now. Having never used any inventory or manufacturing software previously it seemed pretty daunting at first. However once we had the training it became clear of how easy it is to use the software.

There have been no problems at all and we are using more of the functionality all of the time. If you are looking for inventory or manufacturing software that integrates with Xero then Fishbowl should be your first choice.”

Steve Viner, DVR Metal Industries

Why did we buy Fishbowl? We wanted a Manufacturing system that was able to grow and adapt with our business and set us apart in our industry.

Fishbowl is a key inventory system that has developed into so much more for us. It helps in all Manufacturing processes and has FANTASTIC reporting.

Emma Shepherd

Operations Manager, DOLPHIN PLASTICS

Configurable Bill of Materials

Define all of the options within a product you manufacture. This enables you to map out the variations within a build and have that automatically adjust the sale price of the item being produced. Meaning any user can accurately quote for a product, ask all the right questions and come up with the correct price based on the rules defined.

Quoting & Custom Work Orders

With Fishbowl Manufacturing you can create an Estimate or Quote by adding a Configurable Bill of Materials to the Sales Order or by Building a completely custom Work Order on the fly directly in the Estimate Sales Order screen.

This will automatically cost the materials and time entered to then create a sell price from. If the Estimate progresses to a Sales Order. The input from the Estimate is automatically used to created the Work Order (Job Card) for you.

Purchasing What you Need for Manufacturing

Once a Sale has been won Fishbowl will automatically convert the Sales Order into a Manufacturing Order. If you purchase some or all materials needed for the job you can use the Manufacturing Order to Purchase Order wizard to have Fishbowl draft all the needed Purchase Orders for you.

Units of Measure

Fishbowl allows materials to be purchased in one unit of measure, stocked in another and then consumed in another. If you purchase certain materials by the length or weight.

E.g. purchasing steel in 6.5m length but want to then stock that material in your business by the lineal metre and finally consume and use that stock on a Manufacturing Order by the millimetre then Fishbowl and its Unit of Measure conversion will make this a breeze.

Fishbowl Time

Combine Fishbowl Manufacturing with Fishbowl Time which is a cloud-based timekeeping solution for tracking employees’ hours. With Fishbowl Time your production staff will be able to clock on and off the open Work Orders in Fishbowl showing you the accurate labour costs in your manufacturing work orders.
Fishbowl Time Lets you:
• Incorporate labour costs into total costs on work orders
• Budget labour costs and then compare them to the actual numbers
• Clock in and out from any Internet-connected device
• Use GPS tracking to check where employees clock in and out from

Custom Manufacturing & Assembly  CASE STUDY



Dingo Australia

Dingo Australia first began in 1992, and is an employer of 62 people Australia wide. Dingo Australia is a firmly established Dalby based company and has a strong reputation as being the number one manufacturer and supplier of Australia’s most unique earthmoving machines and attachments.

View Case Study

We can highly recommend Fishbowl Software to any business that is looking to choose an excelent cost-effective ERP software system.

Karen Russell

Financial Controller, DINGO AUSTRALIA

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