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Picked + Packed … but how to ship?

Eliminate the double entry of customers details and consignment weights and dimensions via our shipping solutions integration

If you use freight carriers to send your goods to your customers, then the Fishbowl with Starshipit integration could save your dispatch team time, and save you money!

 Starshipit is an online shipping solution that works with multiple freight carriers within the one platform to enable fast, easy parcel and freight shipping.

Fishbowl integrates with Starshipit to further speed up its order fulfillment capabilities and keep accurate inventory records as orders get shipped out.

 Customer information, address details, carton or pallet quantities, dimensions and weights are auto filled reducing the need for double entry.

 Once the carrier labels are processed and ready for the carrier to collect, Fishbowl downloads the details of the completed shipment from Starshipit and applies Tracking information, and Shipped Carrier details to the order, and fulfills the Shipment in Fishbowl.

 Your order is now complete and the Tax Invoice is ready to be pushed to your accounting system! Easy, simple, and efficient.


“We have moved thousands of orders since starting the Starshipit integration (late Sept 2020) and have found significant accuracy increases and labour cost savings as a result. Investments with such a short ROI are not easy to find and this is one we could have happily executed sooner.”

James Stonham, 


How Starshipit expands Fishbowl’s skill set

– Ship with all major Australian & New Zealand parcel carriers.


– Minimize data entry errors with quick and precise data synchronization.


– Streamline shipping processes, and reduce costs with rate shopping in StarShipIt.


– Give freight quotes instantly with the Sales Order Module Plugin.


– Compatible with Custom and standard Fishbowl eCommerce Plugin Integrations.

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