Complete order fulfillment tool

Fishbowl inventory management offers a number of tools to help your business with its order fulfillment process including picking, packing and shipping.

Multiple Vendors

Fishbowl Mobile automatically generates a Purchase Order and bills it to your accounting package when you order new products. Receive products into your warehouse by scanning them in with a wireless mobile device. Then store them in their assigned place in your warehouse.


Using a mobile device, you can quickly find any product in your warehouse and also determine if you have enough products to fulfill an order.


Fishbowl Inventory helps you determine what size containers you should use to pack orders. It also allows you to pack multiple orders at the same time.


Fishbowl Inventory integrates with UPS and FedEx, and it will soon be certified as UPS Ready, which means it will be able to calculate shipping costs, notify UPS to pick up packages, and more.


Instead of having to manually reorder each product when it gets low, you can set up automatic reorder points, which will avoid stock outs and save you time.

Fishbowl Inventory will help you get your order fulfillment processes flowing smoothly in short order!

How Can Fishbowl Help you With Sales and Purchasing Processes?

Fishbowl inventory software sales and purchasing modules allow for efficient order management, sales, purchasing, and accurate stock control.

Fishbowl Sales Order Rundown

Fishbowl Warehouse and Fishbowl Manufacturing’s Sales Order Module allows you to enter customers, products and Quick Lists all from drop-down lists. Double click on any line item and to see what’s in stock and what’s back-ordered. All pricing discounts for specific customer/product combinations are saved and automatically entered as the parts are entered onto the Sales Order. Add notes to the Sales Order as a whole or to each line item individually. Also, if customers request a quote, you can save the sales order as one. Then, once the customer agrees to the quote, simply issue it as an official Sales Order and you’re done.


If you sell products with various options and upgrades, then chances are you understand the difficulty in selling, producing and properly tracking customizable products. The Configurator was designed to reduce that difficulty. Let’s suppose you sell computers. You can define a configurable Bill of Materials with various hard drive and RAM options so that the salesperson can select the desired specifications from a list directly within the Sales Order. Any additional charges for premium features are automatically added to the Sales Order and an updated price is displayed. Upon issuing the Sales Order, a Work Order for that configured product is automatically created. Just pick, pack and ship the finished product and you’re done.

Quick Lists

Do you have regular customers that buy the same products on a regular basis? Fishbowl’s Quick Lists feature allows you to store and uniquely name lists of products so that you won’t have make a new Sales Order from scratch every time a customer requests the same items. You can also edit any saved Sales Orders if the orders vary slightly.

Variable Pricing

Fishbowl Inventory has an extensive pricing module that allows you to define as many pricing schemas as needed (by customer or customer group) and automatically applies prices as the Sales Order is created. You can define pricing schemes by a percentage discount or a dollar amount. Simply go to the pricing module, and select new and then the Pricing Wizard will walk you through the rest.

Manage Purchasing and Vendor Relationships

Which vendors have you purchased from in the past? Who gave you the best deal or turn-around time? Fishbowl Inventory automatically saves and organizes that vendor information and displays it in an easy-to-use, helpful fashion. When you’re ready to reorder, just click the Reorder Point button on a particular item and Fishbowl will create the Purchase Order for the correct vendor and let you make any last-minute modifications. Fishbowl Inventory makes purchasing a snap!

Sales Order to Purchase Order Conversion

Convert any Sales Order to a Purchase Order at the touch of a button. If the item(s) have been purchased before, then Fishbowl will remember the previous price and will automatically enter that price into the Purchase Order as the default.

Multiple Ship-to Addresses

Convert any Sales Order to a Purchase Order at the touch of a button. If the item(s) have been purchased before, then Fishbowl will remember the previous price and will automatically enter that price into the Purchase Order as the default.

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