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Food and Beverage Manufacturing

If food is literally your bread and butter, you better make sure your business has the right inventory management solution to minimise waste and optimise assets.

The Fishbowl software is a perfect fit is food Production.  Fishbowl has the ability to provide everything from Recipe tracking, work method statements and production planning right through to traceability of batches and use by/expiry dates for industry compliance.

With Location Group based user security, you can have Fishbowl maintain a protocol around QA release and use Fishbowl document storage for attaching Certificates of Analysis or Organic Certifications.

Recipes (Bill of Materials)

Enter your recipes as Bill of Materials and along with the ingredients and labour requirements enter all your method statements.  This means as you create a Manufacturing Order you can print out a current batch or recipe sheet that is current.

Staged Production & Scheduling

If you have multi-stage production where you prepare a batch of ingredient in bulk in say a vat or a tank and then the use that bulk product in the next stage of production, then Fishbowl’s staged Bill of Materials and Work Order will allow this to be easily setup and scheduled.

Once Work Orders are created you can view and edit your production schedule via a Calendar and filter that calendar by Work Centre or production area such as Line 1 or Tank 2

Batch Control

Fishbowl tracks items batches throughout your business from receiving into the warehouse, storage, allocation to a production process and then sale. 

Fishbowl can then provide complete forward and reverse Tracking reports to see where a raw ingredient batch was used and then who the finished product was sold to or a QA issue on a finished product where you can see what raw material batches were used.  Making food audit much easier.

Unit of Measure Conversion

Fishbowls Unit of Measure conversions enables you to track your raw materials and finished products how it is consumed.  You can purchase a material by the 20kg bag, stock take by the bag or Kilogram and then use in production by the KG.

With a recipe each ingredient can be consumed how it is used.  By the weight, volume or each.  It is even possible with Fishbowls custom field data to enter the Specific gravity of products and have liquid product show as a weight or a recipe or batch sheet.

Document Attachment

Utilise the integration that Fishbowl has with Dropbox or attached documents from your own file storage to attach document records to any transaction or record within Fishbowl.  It could be anything from a customers approved credit application to a Certificate of Analysis against received stock. 

Scanning and Labelling

With Fishbowl you can print receiving labels with whatever data you like, product number, description, batch number.  Now that your products are labeled correctly in the warehouse your warehouse team can easily identify and track stock.

By using the Fishbowl GO scanning app on a scanner, tablet or phone your staff can then completely automate all of their stock movement functions in the warehouse and production area.


With Fishbowls reporting you can manage your businesses performance.  Everything from product costing, production yield variance or sales reporting is there at the click of a button.

Food Manufacturing Case Study

We love working with our Food Manufacturing clients, especially the free samples that get delivered to the office! See the following client success story.

Pic's Peanut Butter, New Zealand

Pics Peanut Butter freshly roasts and lovingly squashes all their Australian Hi Oleic peanuts in Nelson, New Zealand. Available in supermarkets around the world, Pics Peanut Butter sells 20,000 jars a day.

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How COYO has increased in efficiency and confidence with Fishbowl

In the dynamic consumer goods sector, COYO, a top coconut yogurt brand, excels with key pillars: innovation, standout customer service, and streamlined inventory. Thanks to Fishbowl inventory software, COYO's operations have transformed, setting a path to efficiency, growth, and industry leadership.

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