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Inventory management software training for new and current users alike.

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This Is Where Your Inventory Management Software Training Starts

Get off on the right foot with Fishbowl’s training options and resources.

Fishbowl Training Videos

Get up and going with Fishbowl Warehouse and Fishbowl Manufacturing and more with these simple training videos.

These videos will cover everything from setting up your email inside of Fishbowl, all the steps for your everyday warehouse processes, as well as topics that are specific to different kinds of businesses. If you need more specialised training or prefer to speak to a human, call the Fishbowl office to set up some training online (discounted by 20% for Ocean Support members).

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On-Site Training

If you’re serious about creating the highest levels of efficiency in your business, then you want to make sure you get the most out of your Fishbowl training. There is no better place to train than right in the heart of your organisation. This allows us to customise everything about your training to fit your people, processes, systems and day-to-day operations. You get the one-on-one attention that ensures your company gets exactly what it needs, and not the generalised, how-to training that is required when we train large groups from many different companies. Customers who buy on-site training have the highest levels of success and satisfaction with Fishbowl.

On-site training is a fully customised training session to get the utmost possible out of your investment in Fishbowl inventory management software. Your training includes:

  • Quick installation and setup of Fishbowl
  • Customised database implementation to match your processes
  • Complete Fishbowl training for your entire company or selected individuals
  • Correct installation of Fishbowl on your server and other computers
  • Your accounting package integration training and help
  • And much more…

Available On-Site Packages

  • 1 Day On-Site – Ideal for small teams which use Fishbowl Warehouse as stand alone inventory management and tracking
  • 2 Day On-Site – For larger teams using Fishbowl Warehouse for inventory management and/or accounting integration or small manufacturing businesses
  • 3 Day On-Site – Ideal for larger teams using Fishbowl Manufacturing for everyday manufacturing processes or companies with unique inventory control needs

All travel and accommodation expenses are included. For additional questions, please call 1300 785 755 in Australia or 0800 785 755 in New Zealand or email

Online Training

This training option is best suited for a single team member who has had on-site training previously and wants to go over a specific process within Fishbowl or a quick look at a new feature available in the latest version of the inventory management software.

To learn more contact the office on 1300 785 755 in Australia or 0800 785 755 in New Zealand and get up and running with Fishbowl the right way.

Contact Us

Give us a call and have a chat with one of our amazing client solutions team
AU: 1300 785 755
NZ: 0800 785 755

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