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Hydraulic Parts & Service

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Hydraulic Parts & Service

Let Fishbowl help your team operate more efficiently to keep you customers moving

Hydraulic Parts and Service businesses literally keep industry pumping.  However timely delivery of parts and service is critical to keep customers working.  Fishbowl is there to ensure that if you are in hydraulic parts and service you know what parts you have, where they are and the ability to add parts and labour for services. 

Whether you stock 50,000 parts, or work in specialty parts that are ordered as needed. Let Fishbowl help your team operate more efficiently to keep you customers moving.


Each User can create their own Dashboard that they see when logging in. This can show reports, graphs or a list of transactions that need actioning.

Database Size

With Fishbowl there is no limit.  Unlike other small business accounting systems, Fishbowl is built for inventory.  You will have the same speed and efficiency of searching for parts or entering transactions if you have 100 parts or 100,000 parts

Warehouse Scanning

Combine Fishbowl with the Fishbowl GO scanning solution to automate all your processes on the warehouse floor.  From Receiving parts inwards, bin location control to Picking Shipping and stocktakes. On your scanner, phone or tablet.

Sales Order to Purchase Order

Even though you might stock thousands of items you may have customer who order special order items.  Make the most of the Sales Order to Purchase Order function to have Fishbowl automatically create the PO for those special order items and have Fishbowl notify you as you receive it in which customer is waiting on the parts.

Customer Special Pricing

No more maintaining customer special pricing in spreadsheets or taking hours to look through previous transactions.  With Fishbowl’s Pricing Rules Module all special pricing can be maintained. 

From customer Groups to customer specific; product group or product specific.  Calculated as a mark down, margin or mark-up, quantities breaks or date driven.  It’s all there!

Reorder Points

Reorder points can be set manually against an item.  Imported from a spreadsheet or use Fishbowl Reorder Point calculate to maintain reorder points over time based on actual sales and usage history taking each supplier lead time and order interval into account.

Multi-Location and Vehicle Stock Control

With Fishbowl you can create unlimited Location Groups (Warehouses).  This is also ideal if you have service vehicles that carries stock.  Your team can either set automatically replenishment of parts into a vehicle as they use stock on jobs or use Fishbowl GO to scan parts out of the warehouse into a vehicle as they are collecting stock.

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