Fishbowl is a Powerful Asset Tracking Solution for any size Organisation

Are you looking for an advanced yet affordable asset tracking solution? Fishbowl is the answer.

Fishbowl gives you all the tools you need to manage multiple warehouses, track shipments, monitor expiration dates, auto reorder materials, and increase efficiency. Many well-known organizations, including NASA and the U.S Army & Air Force already take advantage of Fishbowl as a powerful asset tracking solution, now you can too!

Fishbowl offers the same functionality as more expensive asset tracking solutions but for a fraction of their cost. Now you can get everything you need for an affordable price.

  • Unlimited number of parts
  • Unlimited number of locations
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Lot tracking and serial number tracking of parts

Fishbowl is a powerful Asset Tracking solution with full barcode scanning applications. Fishbowl can be used as a standalone solution and does not have to be integrated with an accounting system. We have a number of clients that use Fishbowl in this way.

If you need to know where your assets are at all times (laptops, tools, vehicles, samples etc), which job sites they are on, which employee or contractor or customer has them, who they have been sold to etc, then Fishbowl has got you covered.

Get more clarity in your business and force processes to be followed with the distribution of your assets. Fishbowl can also be used for a lot more in your business such as Purchasing (Purchase Orders), Sales (Sales Orders / Tax Invoices), Inventory control, and of course Asset Tracking.

Here are some clients that use Fishbowl for Asset tracking:

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