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Automation through Innovation

Fishbowl, an automated approach. Manual data entry, double handling of information, and manual stock management can be very time consuming and create potential for human error.

Let us help you automate many of your day to day tasks so that you can spend more time on the important things.

With inventory management software, you can do the following things, among many others, to automate your inventory processes:

Scan in and out

Scan items in and out with a barcode reader to keep inventory records accurate.

Use Fishbowl Go to scan in items as they arrive at your facility, cycle count inventory, scan when goods are being picked for an order, and a huge amount more. Using a barcode scanner speeds up everything by putting the right information into the palm of your hand, and it makes sure that the right items are scanned, so nothing gets entered incorrectly or misidentified.

No more marking off items on a piece of paper and clipboard, then keying in this information back at the computer. Do it once, do it right.

Automatic Reorder Points

Set up automatic reorder points on items to prevent stockouts and overstocks.

Automatic reorder points are a perfect example of automated inventory management.

Assign minimum quantities to each of your parts so that once they reach them, you will be notified. A purchase order can be automatically generated with the proper vendor and reorder quantity listed, and all you have to do is issue it.

No longer will you have to worry about accidentally stocking up too much on a particular item, nor will you have to be concerned about running out because you will be alerted to the fact that it is time to reorder with plenty of time to avoid a stockout. You can maintain a healthy balance with automatic reorder points in place across the board.

Special Pricing

Special pricing for customers.

The Pricing Rules function in Fishbowl allows prices to be automatically adjusted for each sales order according to a variety of variables such as average cost, order quantity, customer, promotional date range, product, and more.

Once the pricing rule is set, the rule will be applied to the customer order automatically when the item is entered onto an order. No need to get out the calculator, or refer to another pricelist folder, the correct price is applied straight away.

Sales Order to Purchase Order Conversion

Convert any Sales Order to a Purchase Order at the touch of a button. If the items have been purchased before, then Fishbowl will remember the previous price and will automatically enter that price into the purchase order as the default.

Manufacture Order to Purchase Order Functionality

If a part is short on a Manufacture Order and you don’t have enough to complete the job, you can automatically create a Purchase Order right from the Manufacture Order for the missing part. It will order from the default vendor you have set.

Email Orders

Email orders to customers and suppliers at a click of a button.

Create a Purchase Order by clicking the “Auto PO” button, “SO to PO”, “MO to PO”, or by keying in an order. Once complete simply email this order off to the supplier and let them go to work.

Efficient, accurate, and correct order management. This process can be selected to automatically email a copy of the order once Issued.

Scheduled Reports Via Email

Would you like your sales team to have a report of their sales figures emailed to them every Friday, or have a report with information to assist your purchasing team in their inbox each Monday? Fishbowl handles this using the scheduled tasks application.

You determine what the report is, who it should be sent to, and how often, and let Fishbowl take care of the rest.

Just as you can schedule for reports to be emailed, you can also automate many of you daily, weekly, or monthly tasks.

Examples include running of your daily or weekly backups, exporting or importing of data such as customers orders, eCommerce orders, production run information, importing new customer information, and much more.

Using the Fishbowl Schedule wizard can be an amazing time saver and make tedious tasks a thing of the past.

Integration with Other Business Solutions

Integrate with other plugin business solutions to eliminate the need for double data entry.

Extend Fishbowl’s automation features by integrating Fishbowl with one of our plugin business solutions. Create your perfect eco system to reduce double handling of orders and information. Fishbowl currently integrates with a variety of other business solutions that are in the following categories:

Accounting: QuickBooks Online, Reckon, and Xero
Data Storage: Dropbox
CRM: Salesforce, Zoho
E-commerce: Amazon, BigCommerce, eBay, Magento, Shopify, 3dcart, Volusion, Woo Commerce, X-Cart, and Zen Cart
Mobile Sales & B2B Order Portal: SalesIn, Pepperi
EDI: HighJump Software, SPS Commerce, Custom EDI written
Shipping: Starshipit
Merchant Services: Authorize.Net and Square
Mobile Hardware: Android, Apple, Microsoft Surface, Motorola, Symbol, Unitech, Wasp Barcode, and Zebra
Operating Systems: Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows

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