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Multi-Currency Inventory Software

Australian Dollar to the Zanzibari Rupee, Fishbowl has you covered.

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Buying and Selling Overseas?

No sweat with Fishbowl’s multi-currency features

Export to your accounting package and be safe in the knowledge that your accounts are accurate.

If your business purchases items in multiple currencies, you can now convert all of them to the same currency for accurate accounting. You can create Sales Orders and Purchase Orders in any currency and Fishbowl inventory management software will keep track of the transactions in both currencies. In addition, Fishbowl’s integration with Xero, QuickBooks Online, and Reckon Accounts will help you keep your accounting records accurate.


Set up and unlimited number of currencies and purchase and sell around the World.

To learn more about Fishbowl’s multi-currency functionality, please call 1300 785 755 in Australia or 0800 785 755 in New Zealand.

Sign up for a free trial of Fishbowl Warehouse or Fishbowl Manufacturing today to see how Fishbowl’s multi-currency feature will help your business grow in new and exciting ways.

Multi-Currency FAQs

Does Fishbowl offer special customer pricing?

Fishbowl is a multi-currency software that allows prices to be automatically adjusted for special customer pricing. Our inventory management software’s pricing feature has various variables, including average cost, customer day, product, and order quantity.

Fishbowl’s pricing matrix can also help you structure pricing according to sales quantities and customer status. For example, a level 1 customer could pay $150 for a single item, but if they purchase five units, they may only have to pay $120 for each item.

Once you establish special customer pricing in Fishbowl, the rule will automatically apply to the customer when an item is entered into an order. Using our inventory management system, you can say goodbye to calculators and detailed pricelists.

Can Fishbowl handle multiple currencies?

If your business handles multiple currencies, tracking currency exchange fluctuations and their effect is vital. Fishbowl’s multi-currency system provides detailed reports to track potential changes in the value of overseas transactions (unrealised gains and losses) and the actual changes in the value of your assets, liabilities, and equity (realised gains and losses) resulting from exchanging foreign currency for Australian dollars. To ensure your business has accurate accounting processes, Fishbowl’s inventory management system also helps you convert multiple currencies to the same currency. Our multi-currency software also enables you to create purchase and sales orders in any currency while keeping track of transactions in both currencies.

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