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Customised Chemical inventory Management

From government regulations to expiration dates, chemical manufacturers and other types of companies in the Chemicals industry have a lot to keep track of.

Stock control chemical Manufacturing and Wholesale.   Fishbowl’s stock control will keep it under control. 

Compliance will also be much easier with complete batch and expiry date traceability, and end to end sales order and purchase order management.

Fishbowl helps you make sense of it all by creating and maintaining a strong inventory management system. Make sure chemicals are available in the correct quantities, perform unit-of-measure conversions, and more with Fishbowl. 

The Ocean Support program for user support on Fishbowl Inventory is EXCELENT. I always have my questions answered in a timely fashion which enables us to get on with running our business.

Colleen Tilley

Accounts, Beachport Liquid Minerals

Part Tracking

Assign the appropriate tracking to your stock items, be it batch or lot number or expiry date and have Fishbowl give you complete traceability reporting.

Fishbowl will also assign with your stock picking by suggesting FIFO batch picking for Sales and Work Orders.

Ensure you have no stale stock on hand by running an On Hand By Expiry Date and have Fishbowl email you the report showing any short dated stock.

Unit of Measure Conversion

Fishbowl allows stock to be purchased in one unit of measure, stock in another and then sell or consume that stock in another. 

If you purchase stock by the drum, want to stock take by the drum but consume by the Litre; with Fishbowl, it just works.

Sales Order Pick, Pack , Ship

The Sales fulfillment process is easy to use and follows the steps you take in your business to fulfill customer orders. 

Enter Sales Orders and have all relevant info such as customer special pricing apply and then prioritizing your warehouse picking by carrier or scheduled date. 

Part ship orders, ship in full or even manage backorders easily then ship out the order with all the correct paperwork.  Fishbowl will then pass the invoice directly through to your Xero, QuickBooks Online or Reckon Accounts file.

Attach Documents

Utilise the integration that Fishbowl has with Dropbox or attached documents from your own file storage to attach document records to any transaction or record within Fishbowl. 

It could be anything from a customers approved credit application to a Certificate of Analysis against received stock. 

Scanning and labeling

With Fishbowl you can print receiving labels with whatever data you like, product number, description, batch number.  Now that your products are labeled correctly in the warehouse your warehouse team can easily identify and track stock.

By using the Fishbowl GO scanning app on a scanner, tablet or phone your staff can then completely automate al of their stock movement functions in the warehouse.

Dangerous Goods Tracking

If your business handles dangerous goods you can configure Fishbowl to ensure that requirements are met. 

Have an Alert appear to staff as they receive goods inwards and assign a dedicated receiving location to ensure dangerous goods are stored in the correct area of the Warehouse.  Then with Fishbowls ability to customize reports and templates have the ability to print directly from Fishbowl required documents such as Class certificate or safe handling requirements.

Landed Costs

Once stock is Received not only can you match this to your suppliers Invoice, which then gets sent to Xero, QuickBooks Online or Reckon Accounts, the Reconcile Wizard will also let you add all the freight and external costs of the order and apportion that cost to the items Received so you know what you stock really costs you – giving accurate margin reporting.

Multi Currency

Fishbowl’s Sales and Purchasing process has all the multi-currency features.  Setup the currencies you trade with, assign them to Customers and Vendors and Fishbowl will do the rest.

Customer Special Pricing

No more maintaining customer special pricing in spreadsheets or taking hours to look through previous transactions.  With Fishbowl’s Pricing Rules Module all special pricing can be maintained. 

From customer Groups to customer specific; product group or product specific.  Calculated as a mark down, margin or mark-up, quantities breaks or date driven.  It’s all there!

Backorder Management

With Fishbowls Pick screen the warehouse can see all backorders as a red or a partial backorder as a yellow dot.  As stock becomes available the colour will change indicating to the backorder can now be fulfilled. 

As the warehouse Receives stock it is also possible for them to see which transactions are waiting on the stock to be received.

Chemical industry case study

Fishbowl can be used in a huge number of industries. The tracking functions in Fishbowl make it the ideal fit for the Chemical Industry.

See below for a Chemical Industry case study.

Beachport Liquid Minerals, SA, Australia

Beachport Liquid Minerals found an immediate benefit to switching over to Fishbowl Inventory as a complete solution for their business. They found the company was saving money almost immediately with the cost savings in software maintenance for upgrades as well.

View Case Study

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