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Raider Targetry
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About Raider Targetry

Raider Targetry is a manufacturer that specializes in fixed-wing aircraft, ground vehicles, and robotic targetry, which creates realistic training scenarios for operators in the field. 

Founded in 2019 in Australia, the company has been successfully designing and developing advanced robotic military training solutions.  

 The team chose Fishbowl Inventory to help take on inventory management challenges and to create a more efficient workflow for their team to keep up with their high-tech business processes. 

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Business Challenges & Needs

Before using Fishbowl’s inventory management solution, the team at Raider Targetry was unsure how accurate and efficient their process was for tracking inventory movement from beginning to end. They were lacking a system they could rely on for their inventory management, and a system that could grow and scale with the business. 

Lastly, they knew they needed to invest in a system that would enable both signature tracking and inventory tracking in one platform.  

“Fishbowl’s been game-changing for us in terms of having that single source of truth that everybody can refer to, to understand the status of any particular work order at any point in time.” – Tim Kelly, Digital Systems Manager 

The Solution

Raider Targetry is now running a more efficient workflow for their inventory, allowing Fishbowl to automate the details and provide clarity on their product and stock at all times. 

While using Fishbowl, the team has noticed cost savings, particularly in labor cost. They are more capable of tracking different productions and work orders across their warehouses.  

The team has utilized Fishbowl’s powerful integration software, increasing their productivity and functionality across their internal software system.  

“Fishbowl’s really helped us in terms of productivity in the ease of integration into the engineering software that we’re using. Implementing a new inventory management system is often a big commitment for any organization. Thankfully, the Fishbowl support team is fantastic, and they’ve made it really easy for us to configure Fishbowl in a way that’s suitable for our organization.” Tim Kelly, Digital Systems Manager 

Trusting a solution that can scale with the company  

Fishbowl has proven to Raider Targetry that the software can scale to help meet their changing needs. Dealing with diverse and evolving product lines, the team at Raider Targetry is trusting Fishbowl to evolve with them in the future.  

“As a company developing high-tech solutions, we need high-tech business processes that support what we do, and especially those that scale with the business as we expand globally. The technology we’re developing has fast iteration cycles, they’re technically complex systems, and we need products that support the business that work in the same manner.  

Fishbowl was a natural fit for us and very much complementary to the tech stack we’d already brought on board. Now that we’ve partnered with Fishbowl, we’re really excited to see where the future will take us and we have full confidence that we’ve got the right partners in place to get there.” – CEO & CTO, Mick Fielding  

With the right solution in place, the team can now focus on operational excellence, innovation and global growth to continue its journey on producing the best high-tech products for operators in the field.  

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