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About Victory Parts

Victory Parts was established 18 years ago on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and supplies aftermarket outboard parts within Australia. Expanding rapidly under new ownership, they’ve been innovative enough to implement Fishbowl within 3 of their companies. Their goals are to expand within the outboard industry in terms of the parts they sell while continually sourcing high quality products for their customers.

Business Challenges & Needs

Prior to implementing Fishbowl, we were using MYOB as our inventory and accounting system. MYOB was a good accounting system but a horrible inventory system in comparison to what we have now.  MYOB was very slow and it didn’t have the reporting capabilities we needed, especially when you have over 5500 different parts, to handle the reordering or even the output of these parts.

Additionally, we used to pull the tracking order number off the bag, stick it in an exercise book and have a name written against it so that if a customer rang for a tracking number, we would then go over and look it up in the exercise book. This was a huge inconvenience for us as we were constantly chasing tracking numbers and parcel locations for customers.

Another sore point was our reliance on our EFT machine. We would have to manually punch in the numbers for each transaction, wait for it to be processed, print the receipt and attach to the sales order. Now with Fishbowl Wallet, what would normally take us between 5 – 10 minutes is now achieved in a matter of seconds plus our customers have a copy of their receipt immediately in an email, along with their tracking number.

I used to work weekends, I don’t work weekends anymore.
So there’s 20 hours saved a week at least!

Steve Smyth

Warehouse Manager, Victory Parts

The Solution

In terms of freight tracking, we used to peel the tracking number off the parcel, and stick it in the exercise book and write a customers name next to that. The customer didn’t even know the tracking number until they rang us when a part hadn’t arrived, they’d then ask for a tracking number. We would then probably spend the next 5-10 minutes tracking that parcel for them. With Fishbowl GO, we rely on barcode scanning to scan the tracking number. The tracking number then goes automatically with a copy of their invoice in an email to our customer. This tracking number is also automatically linked to a freight company. Customers are then able to click the link within the email and have complete visibility as to where their parcel is. That’s saved us a great deal of time in terms of receiving phone calls from customers chasing their parcels. With Fishbowl, we hardly get any calls. Under the old system, we would probably get 2-3 a day and that’s time consuming for our office staff who are there to sell parts, not to track parcels. The other thing too is, that report is available on any computer so if for some reason, one of our customers might ring us and say, ‘look I didn’t get your email, I can’t find the tracking number’. Instead of our sales staff coming over to the warehouse and search through the exercise book to find the parcel, they can just click the screen and read them the tracking number. There’s no time wasted.

The Results

Fishbowl has easily saved us at least 20 hours a week. One of the best reports that Simon’s ever made for us which was customised to our business, is a reorder report by vendor. When you consider we’ve got somewhere between 50-60 suppliers, to have that vendor isolated and all their parts within one report, its an easy case of going through the reorder stock levels and establishing how much we need to order. Before Fishbowl, we would have to list 5,600 parts and then isolate the vendor for each part, transfer to an excel spreadsheet and go through each line to figure out what we needed to reorder. This was a nightmare.

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