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Fishbowl 2016. Now Available

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This week we are celebrating the release of Fishbowl 2016.1.

The latest version of the Fishbowl inventory management software brings with some exciting new changes, as well as a host of new features including the Plugin Manager module and Fishbowl Time and Labour integration.

One of the most exciting new features is the Plugin Manager, with this Fishbowl users will have access to plugins that can enhance the Fishbowl experience, simplify processes and get more inventory and sales data than ever before.

Available plugins* in the Fishbowl 2016.1 release are the Sales Data module, which shows a detailed breakdown of sales on an interactive world map. Also available is the Forecasting module, which uses current Fishbowl data to allow to predict sales, quantity and cost trends. Also available is the Xero integration view module, which allows to view and access all your accounting information directly within Fishbowl. To see a list of all the available plugins for Fishbowl 2016.1, visit the Release Notes page on the Fishbowl Wiki here.

To streamline workflow, Fishbowl 2016.1 includes colour co-ordinated buttons across all modules, making moving through your everyday processes faster and easier. This intuitive new change in user interface design allows for new and current users of Fishbowl to quickly learn business processes, streamline workflow within Fishbowl and navigate with ease.

Fishbowl Time and Labour is a web-based time clock software designed for your modern business. This browser based app works on any device you already own and integrates directly with Fishbowl 2016.1 as well as Reckon Accounts and Xero. This integration means for each work order that has been started in Fishbowl, a project will be created in Fishbowl Time and Labour. When employees clock in, they can select the work order/project that they will be working on. These labour hours will be added to the work order in Fishbowl, allowing for an accurate calculation of the work order labour cost. Alternatively, Fishbowl Time and Labour can be used independently from Fishbowl for your staff to clock in and clock off from work. You can then send their timesheets directly to Xero or Reckon Accounts for payroll processing.

If you want to learn more about Fishbowl 2016.1 or Fishbowl Time and Labour please contact our office on 1300 916 775 in Australia or 0800 006 095 in New Zealand to speak to one of team members today.

You can also see the new features in action by downloading a 14-Day trial of Fishbowl 2016.1 or have one of our Inventory Software Specialists guide you through a personalised web demo by signing up here. For Fishbowl Time and Labour you can sign up for a free trial at

*Please note that some of the plugins available for Fishbowl 2016.1 are available for purchase and other plugins may be available for free.