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Fishbowl Inventory Rebrands in Commitment to Innovation and Growth

OREM, Utah, Mar. 11, 2021  Fishbowl, the #1 manufacturing and warehouse inventory management software for small to medium businesses, has rebranded its look and product line to reflect its ongoing commitment to software innovation for its customers’ current and future business needs.

Over the coming weeks you will see the Fishbowl brand transition to a new look. The new brand represents a consistent push toward continued success. It seeks to empower companies with simple-to-use, enterprise-grade, affordable inventory management solutions that help businesses grow, prosper, and survive.

The new logo is an interpretation of the Ouroboros symbol. The design’s strength is reflected in its representation of the present and future or the two key aspects of any successful business – manufacturing and warehouse inventory management sides.

“Our new brand helps people understand Fishbowl is all about simplifying their processes so they can remain focused on what they do,” said John David King, Fishbowl CEO. “Regardless of how difficult or complex their business may be, we’re all about innovating to help business owners make sense of and simplify their inventory by giving them access to what they need, how they need it, with simple-to-use, yet powerful software.”

Software is always changing. Fishbowl’s heritage of innovation is recognized in the consistent development of its software for future success. Fishbowl innovation will express itself in intuitive functionality, product design, and usability of its manufacturing and warehouse inventory management software that is always enterprise-grade.

Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse provide a complete inventory software platform to help businesses:

  • Generate work orders.
  • Simplify processes by reducing the number of steps in manufacturing to save time and money.
  • Calculate inventory needs to avoid producing too many or not enough products.
  • Track inventory across every step of a business’s operation from ordering to delivery.
  • Provide real-time updates of inventory on hand.
  • Automate reorder points of products to avoid stockouts.
  • Eliminate data-entry errors.
  • Integrate with ecommerce solutions and online shopping carts.
  • Integrate with QuickBooks, Salesforce, UPS, Xero, and other business solutions.

Small to medium-size businesses need and expect software and technology to simplify their processes to stay focused on satisfying their customers. They don’t have time for a long learning curve. Fishbowl software is easy to use and easy to learn, yet powerful enough to provide functionally simplified business processes. The software does not require expensive consultants or complex training to use it along with other popular business platforms to do everything a business needs.

For example, for many years Fishbowl, combined with QuickBooks, has provided businesses with manufacturing and warehouse efficiencies saving them time and money.

As part of its rebrand, Fishbowl will also become a knowledge hub of information, tips, and tricks to help businesses utilize its software. Fishbowl has been, is, and always will be the strongest inventory management platform for small to medium businesses.

“Our goal at Fishbowl is to be the premier provider of software and knowledge for inventory management,” said King. “The value Fishbowl brings includes ongoing simplification of your business through innovation and a deep understanding of the inventory management needs of businesses. We’re excited about our new brand because we are excited to help each business succeed now and in the future.”