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Keep track of inventory, brick by brick

Hardware supply stores and other companies that work with Building Materials have immense inventories, and they rely on accurate information to keep their operations running smoothly.

Fishbowl offers the following features to help companies like yours organise a variety of assets and keep track of inventory, brick by brick.

Tracking Locations – Use multiple-location inventory tracking to identify where inventory is supposed to be stored, check quantities and transfer goods quickly.

Scanning – Fishbowl Go is an app that turns smartphones and tablets into barcode scanners. You can print labels to put on the shelf and scan them to check out items, pick them, and more.

Pick Flow – Dramatically speed up your order fulfillment by picking in batches. Instead of going back and forth in the warehouse, you can pick everything from one shelf for multiple orders before moving on to the next shelf.

Reorder Points/Auto ROP – Prevent stockouts by using automatic reorder points to keep the right number of items coming in. You can even forecast future inventory needs and make seasonal adjustments.

Dingo Australia

Dingo Australia first began in 1992, and is an employer of 62 people Australia wide. Dingo Australia is a firmly established Dalby based company and has a strong reputation as being the number one manufacturer and supplier of Australia’s most unique earthmoving machines and attachments.

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