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Fishbowl Inventory Asia Pacific acquires SalesIn

it is with great excitement that I personally inform you that Fishbowl Inventory Asia Pacific has acquired SalesIn, with the business transition taking effect as of 1st May, 2020.

SalesIn is a combination of a Sales Rep iOS application and aB2B portal, offering an exciting addition to our existing product suite.

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The Truth About Barcodes

Barcodes are powerful little tools for businesses. Reading one with a barcode scanner, you gain access to detailed information about a product, including its cost, size, sales history, number in stock and more.

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Inventory System Types

Automatic and manual options suit different business types. There is more than one type of system you can use to keep track of your inventory. See which one works best for your business.

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Barcode Tracking Software

Fishbowl is a powerful asset tracking solution for parts with barcode scanning. As small businesses grow and expand their product lines, they find that they need to stop keeping track of inventory by hand and start using barcode scanners.

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EAM Software

Having problems maintaining your operations and unable to handle physical infrastructure issues? You can handle these issues and more before they even become a problem when you implement Fishbowl as an affordable EAM software solution.

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Tracking Asset Management Software

Track across multiple locations, better production processes and order management. Tracking asset management software is a useful tool for organizations that are looking to cut costs and run more efficiently.

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